2F- Hide and Seek (12): This is the forty-sixth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows the continuation of the Hide-and-Seek test, where even more betrayals brew as Ho enters the scene.


Hatsu orders Parakewl and Mauchi to throw their spears, but they have already run away. Quant finishes him off, saying he is somewhat disgusted at the number of traitors on the team. He then goes off to hunt the other Regulars. Meanwhile, Parakewl and Mauchi have come up with a plan to fool the rest of their team.

Back at the Fishermen's location, Hong Chunhwa tells Des Lion that he has a plan, but Lion does not play along, and instead tries to escape, only to be caught by Androssi. However, Baam gets in her way and says that they should not fight among themselves. Androssi says he's too soft to climb the Tower and that if he is to protect Rachel, he will have to hurt others. Lion tries to take Baam hostage, only to get hit again by Androssi. However, with the Princess off guard, Hong manages to ignite his weapon.

Back in her Lighthouse, Rachel is trying to communicate with Levin and the other Light Bearer on her team, Full Black. They have been thrown into chaos by all of the betrayals. Suddenly, the whole structure feels the impact from Androssi's battle. Rachel tells them to spread the Lights and find out what is going on. Then, Ho turns up, saying that someone is targeting Baam, and asks Rachel to come out.



Naver Endnote

There are no normal people.

Blog Post

Something I wrote after having a drink outside.

1. Androssi knows that Baam knows Michelle is Rachel. There's a lot of people that are confused about this.
Androssi knows that Baam knows Michelle is Rachel because she saw Baam write Rachel's name on the friend's list. (Because you can only write the names of Regulars right now.)
Also, the reason Baam showed Androssi the list is to indirectly tell that he knows Michelle is Rachel.
What Androssi was saying when she said 'should I tell' means 'should I tell Rachel that Baam knows who you are.'
So, Baam doesn't act like Michelle is Rachel because he thinks that Rachel doesn't like him following her, and Androssi is frustrated because she knows that.
In Androssi's case, she's very straightforward.

2. Hong Chunhwa is a character that was there in the black and white version.
The characters that came out in that version are
Baam, Yuri, Evan, Khun, Rak, Ho, Hong Chunhwa and Sunwoo Nare
(in Rachel's case she wasn't even mentioned)
I still remember the scene where Hong Chunhwa tried to do ignition to get rid of the riddle monster
and getting stuck...
Even then Hong Chunhwa and Sunwoo Nare stuck together...

3. There's a training rally thing so I'm saving up the drawings...
I'm trying to go without having to miss a week, but don't know if it will be possible...
I'm busy nowadays because I have a lot of stuff to attend... haha
Let's hope that I won't have to miss a week^^;
P.S. Oh, Anak also was in the black and white version^^
I remember that at that time, she was a human, not a lizard...


Notes and Trivia

  • There is a discrepancy between this Wiki Page's name and the Korean Title, which is explained in Vol.1 Chapter 44's notes.



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