2F- Hide and Seek (11): This is the forty-fifth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows the continuation of the Hide-and-Seek test, with several members of Team B betraying each other.


Androssi reveals that her plan was not to defeat Quant, but to eliminate the two other Fishermen on her team so that she was guaranteed a pass along with three other Fishermen. Des Lion turns on Baam, believing he was in on the plan he decides to take him out first and attacks him. Androssi intervenes and smacks the Fisherman to the outside of the circle she drew. She then tells Baam that she is going to show him what is necessary if he is going to climb The Tower, and that if he is ready to take this kind of measures to go after her then he can leave the circle.

Meanwhile, Hatsu continues to fight with Quant, but has trouble fighting the Ranker. He decides to "end it now" while Quant is still going easy on him, and allows Quant to catch him so that he can trap him in place. He then tells Parakewl and Mauchi to throw their spears, but the two Spear Bearers have run off in an attempt to save themselves.



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Blog Post

It's getting hard to change a very warm and fuzzy feeling ToG to a ToG of betrayals and scheming...
Somehow there's a 'feel' of Carnival in ToG now..
[RWF Note: Carnival was his 'main' story comic. Apparently Tower of God was sort of a side project of it. I don't know the details, either. Probably it was another TUS story.]

Well, the person that's participating in the exam least now is Baam,
not like the Spear Bearers, Androssi and Ho, who wants to go up the Tower even if it means betrayal, or like Hatsu, who wants the team to win with his sacrifice, Baam hasn't chosen what to do in this test.

Well... he's the main character, so let's give him some time to think,
but Hatsu is dying while you think... 'crying' ; _ ;

Personally I think Baam and Hatsu goes pretty well together,,
I sometimes think the two as a package.
They have lots of common things...
but of course Hatsu looks more natural fighting with Anak.
Hatsu could probably think in this chapter, "Damn.. lizards were better than humans..."


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  • There is a discrepancy between this Wiki Page's name and the Korean Title, which is explained in Vol.1 Chapter 44's notes.



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