2F - Hide and Seek (10): This is the forty-fourth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows the continuation of Hide-and-Seek test, where Androssi gives an ultimatum to the other Fishermen.


Hatsu engages Quant in combat. He manages to stand his ground against the Ranker, though Quant is clearly superior. Elsewhere, Androssi and Baam talk for a bit. Androssi tells Baam that he reminds her of herself when she was younger, and then goes on to reveal her past as a member of a branch of one of the 10 Great Families. She had to win fights in order to get good food and was eventually able to eat all of the food available. When she asks Baam to guess how she was able to do that, he good-naturedly responded, "Did you ask the other unit to share a bit of theirs with you?"

Just then, they receive word that the Ranker, Quant, has been found. Upon hearing the news, Androssi creates a large red circle on the ground and declares that anyone who leaves the circle will be executed. She proceeds to deal a blow to Des Lion. At this point, Baam realises Androssi's true motive for keeping Team B's Fishermen together.



Naver Endnote

Gourmet Queen Androssi

Blog Post

I was watching soccer and baseball today, so that I almost forgot to upload the blog post.
And sleeping.
And drawing the comic.
As I have said before,
the hardest thing when drawing is
not working for hours.
Not skipping sleep.
Not reading bad comments.
When my ideas lack of what I should draw.
Body is resting, head hurts, must draw.
No idea, scene mangle...
[Some rant about his baseball team, Hanhwa keep losing.]
Enough ranting
So this chapter was how to survive by Androssi?


Notes and Trivia

  • In this chapter the name of the arc is changed from '술래잡기' into '숨바꼭질', but both of these words translate into 'Hide and Seek'. Therefore, despite in essence being the same arc, it is considered by SIU/Naver as a new arc and therefore the numbering of the chapters is reset. In order to keep it simple, we have merged these two 'arcs' and let the numbers of the page reflect that. However, we have kept the original numbering in the 'Korean Title' section in order to reflect the original intentions.



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