2F- Hide and Seek (7): This is the forty-first chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows the continuation of Hide-and-Seek test, with Team A losing despite being so close to their win and Team B preparing for their turn at the test.


The members of Team B are anxious about Team A tricking Quant, knowing that if Team A succeeds they'll all have a much lower chance of passing the test. The Second Floor Administrators are also watching and are all impressed with Khun's abilities. The only one of them who thinks that the test isn't quite over yet is Yu Han Sung.

Meanwhile, Quant is furious about being tricked. Just then, Laure appears and offers to send Quant back up to the bridge using a wave of shinsu. Later, Anak approaches the other side of the bridge, the exit of the test area. However, someone is waiting for her... Quant! He quickly rushes past Anak, tapping her badge, which ends the test in a defeat for Team A.

Back in the waiting room, the members of Team A are all very upset at being defeated. However, they don't know about Laure helping Quant and thus assume that the Ranker merely has monstrous speed. Khun blames the whole affair on his plan, though the other Regulars comfort him, telling him that his plan was actually very good. Ominously, Khun smiles to himself, with the thought "The stairs have been built. Come up, Baam". Team B starts preparing for the test.



Naver Endnote

That's a big deal!!

Blog Post

Khun's hidden card was shown today.
He really is a dangerous guy. ^^;
His background will be revealed throughout the story.

I am quite bad with good complex plans,
So I had some troubles drawing this chapter.
Maybe the next chapter would go easier.
Thanks to our main character appearing, it will be fun anyway. ^^;;
Now with the centre of the story moving over to Baam, the main story is beginning.

About the Rankers whispering about What would be in Khun Eduan's storehouse.
A-rank items are extremely rare in the Tower.
Rankers usually don't have any, High Rankers may have one or two.
Black March is in Rank B~A. (The number rank within each class will be uploaded later.)
Of course even in A-rank, a Pocket will be less valuable than the Black March.
Great Blue Spear is Khun Eduan's throwing spear.
11 of them are made, and it can be ignited, which is rare for throwing weapons.
When ignited, instead of flying to the target, it destroys everything along in its way.
It is yet to be confirmed since Eduan has not thrown it yet.
When ignited it is B-Rank
Vagnil is a spear used like an arrow. Ignitable. B-rank when ignited.
Carrier is an Inventory that combines functions of Pocket, Lighthouse, and Casket all into one, allowing a Fisherman to take on any position. Only 10 are made, 3 of them A-Rank, 7 B-Rank. It is quite ineffective in battle though, but still very interesting. Adori Zahard uses one.




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