2F- Hide and Seek (5): Lero-Ro and Yu Han Sung discuss the test so far. Lero-Ro thinks that Quant basically has this in the bag - since he knows where Anak, Team A's 'It', is going, and as he is much more powerful than anyone on Team A, there should be no way for them to stop Quant from getting Anak's badge.

Leesoo, at Team A's second line of defence, tries to cheer up the other Regulars and make them determined to stop Quant, at one point even calling Quant a "poisonous toad". Unbeknownst to Leesoo, Quant is actually standing right behind him. When Quant reveals himself, Leesoo tries to flatter him, which only makes Quant madder. Leesoo latches on to Quant in an attempt to hold him back, at the same time giving a partially humorous speech urging Anak to run to the exit.

While Leesoo is distracting Quant, First Emperor prepares to use one of his special techniques, "First Emperor's Scorching Fist of Death". Before he can do it, though, Quant throws Leesoo into him. Quant then says the corny line, "There is only one reason why I am avoiding you with my Shinsoo. It's because I don't want to kill Regulars with my own hands. Remember that". This sends Lero-Ro and Yu Han Sung into a laughing fit. After a little more chatter and Quant kicking Leesoo in the head, Quant runs past the other Regulars in the second line of defence and heads for Khun and Anak. When he reaches the bridge, he sees only Khun, who informs him that their 'It', Anak, isn't there. Naturally, Quant thinks that Khun is hiding Anak in his bag, Manbarondenna.



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