2F- Hide and Seek (4): Quant, having stopped Team A's plan, laughs and tells the Regulars that he'll grant them a 32 minute and 13 second head-start. Without any other immediate plan, Koon tells his team to run. Lero-Ro, watching on, is surprised that Koon thought his plan would work, though Yu Han Sung seems to think that Koon is doing well.

Back in the test, time is running out for Quant's head-start. Team A plans to delay Quant at one of the narrow staircases on the path he'll take to catch up to Anak. As Quant reaches the staircase, he uses the limited Shinsoo that he has been permitted in order to cloak himself. Within the next minute, he takes out Dédé Kancho and Aleksai Amigochaz. Team B, onlooking, cheers for Quant's success. As Anak runs towards the exit, Leon 3 announces that their line of defence at the staircase has been broken.



Blog Post

This test has the capturing of the marker as a priority, so pure firepower is not as much important.
Quant is a Scout as his main position. So his abilities in hiding and escaping will prove very troublesome.
Scouts are usually the person with the fittest body.
And in the cases that the enemy's Light Bearer is more inexperienced,the Scout has the upper hand.
And Spear Bearers would have serious trouble at close range against Scouts.
But if the good Light Bearer and Spear Bearer spot the Enemy Scout, the Scout is in danger.
If they are Rankers, the combo can throw Spears dozens of kilometres away.
(Lighthouses have Spear targeting and angle fixing effects.)
So the Fisherman position is very balanced.
At long distance they can use the Reel, at short distance they can use the Needle.
But this multi skill is a very rare gift.
Anak and Androssi are the only two that can use Reel among those
Reel control depends a lot on natural talent like Shinsoo control, so it would be very hard to be Fisherman position.