2F - Zahard's Princess (4): This is the thirty-fourth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows the Wave Controller class and Baam hatches a plan to make Androssi their friend, which is successful.


In the Wave Controller class, the Regulars are practicing shooting balloons with shinsu. Ho and Baam are both able to shoot two, and later Baam reveals that Laure has been giving him lessons, apparently because Baam found Laure's pillow at some point. Ho leaves and is annoyed at how well the other Regulars are doing, and ominously passes by Hwa Ryun.

Meanwhile, Khun lets Baam in on the news that Anak and Androssi are on the verge of failing the Fisherman test due to their previous fall and injuries. They then discuss the cruel fate that some Regulars will fail, which saddens Baam a little. The topic suddenly changes and they hatch a plan to make Androssi their friend.

Androssi, still injured, is lying in her bed. Her poor status in the test means that she can't afford food, leaving her hungry as well. Just then, Baam comes in and brings her food. However, there's a catch - she has to sign a friend sheet before she can get the food, now suspended in the air by a rope. Baam tells Androssi that the food is Steel Eel, to which Androssi replies that she doesn't eat meat. Just as planned! Baam responds by telling Androssi that she looks thin and should eat hearty things like Steel Eel every once in a while. Androssi, flattered, goes along with Baam's deal, though they argue a little bit about how far down on the friend list Androssi is, which causes Baam to accidentally let go of the rope, making the food fall over the both of them.

Back in Anak's room, Leesoo tries the same tactic. This time, it doesn't work as well - Anak threatens Leesoo, who obediently lowers the food.



Naver Endnote

The main character has the same assimilation powers as The Zerg. The princesses of Zahard are done.

Blog Post

I am not used to drawing fluffy.
But this chapter was so fluffed that it hurt while drawing.
Baam's concept is 'Crystal of Pureness' so I have trouble when he is showing up. Characters like Khun and Leesoo, who are a bit more dark, are easier to draw.
Androssi is troublesome too.
Her concept is 'Normal modern girl'
Taking great care at her looks, stressed at weight, wanting to hear she is pretty while she is acting confident. A girl who is yet to mature fully.
But I am a man who already had two years of army... So it is very hard.
So this chapter was about two characters I find hard to draw.
I kind of let it go halfway.
Guess this is part of learning how to work.
From next chapter on it will be a team test of Position, paced faster than now.




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