2F - Zahard's Princesses (3): The chapter begins with an explanation of Zahard and Zahard's Princesses. Specifically, Zahard's Princesses are not allowed either to marry or have children, as this would cause an uncontrolled spread of Zahard's power throughout the Tower.

Back in the Fisherman test, Androssi tells Anak what she had heard about Anak's mother - how she fell in love with a man, had a child and was hunted down by Zahard's forces. Anak has a flashback to when she was growing up. Her parents were fighting, as usual, while she wandered about outside, finding a shiny stone. She spoke with her mother for a bit, mostly about the fights between her parents. Despite this, her mother was apparently quite happy.

Anak then explains her motivation: she wants to eliminate every Zahard within the Tower in order to take revenge for the death of her parents. She and Androssi fight some more. At first, Androssi is easily able to dodge her attacks, but eventually one of her high heels breaks, allowing Anak to catch her and knock her off one of the pillars. Just as she is about to fall, though, Androssi grabs on to Anak and they both go plummeting down. They're both badly hurt, but still alive and begin talking.

Anak has another flashback to when Zahard's agents were out to get her parents. In her last moment with her mother, Anak gives her the shiny gem that she had found outside. Then, someone resembling Evan Edrok comes and takes the young Anak away.



Blog Post

This chapter was not something that should be in one chapter..
But I drew it..
This is apart from the tests, so I had to cut some parts to stop it from taking over too much length.
It feels somewhat unfinished, but it is good enough hints for Zahard Princesses story.

I wasn't planning to draw a sad mood, but it ended up like that since Anak's past was so.
Next chapter will have Baam back as the main character.


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