2F - Zahard's Princesses (2): This is the thirty-second chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It shows even more classes in the Position Test, while Androssi and Anak continue their fight.


Khun, in the Light Bearer class, is instructed by Lero-Ro on how to use a Lighthouse. Bored with the class, Khun decides to look up information on Anak. He is suspicious of her because a Zahard's Princess shouldn't have been given one of the 13 Month Series until after she had become a Ranker, which Anak is not. Upon looking her up, Khun finds out something shocking - she's dead!

Meanwhile, Anak and Androssi continue their test. Androssi continues easily dodging Anak's attacks while still managing to knock the other Regulars off of the pillars. At one point Androssi gets into a jam because Anak strengthens her feet with shinsu, allowing her to move extremely quickly. She is even able to grab a hold of Androssi's leg, tossing her into the air. However, when she goes to attack Androssi again, she gets thrown down into a pillar. With Anak temporarily exhausted, Androssi begins talking again, declaring that she thinks that Anak is the real Anak Zahard's daughter.




I'm your aunt[1]

Blog Post

On this chapter done with sacrifice of my New Lunar Year rest, we have Zahard Princesses story.
The Princesses are very closely connected to the whole story, so it would be good to get them early on.
Real Princesses will show up in about Season 2 and later, but some scenes about them will be in the ending part of 2F tests.

Anak and Androssi...
Anak is the niece of Androssi but Anak is older.
In the Tower age is a meaningless number, actually.
Years lived are considered less important then body's age and racial's trait.
Power and position come before age in most case.
(Yuri, Khun and Androssi talk informally to most people since they are from Great Families, while Anak speaks in a formal tone to most people.)
Sometimes learning to use shinsu stops the body from aging.
Then this person will be usually treated as a child even after living a long time.
So normally in the Tower, body and mind are considered to be of the same age. [RWF note: One's body age will be determined by the mind age.]
Of course some exceptions occur due to birthplaces and families.

Anak and Androssi relation was planned to be shown later, putting test first, but I changed it for Zahard's family setting coming up quick.
The dialogues felt so screwed up as I wrote them.
But screwed up is Zahard's family.



  1. This is written in english, contrary to the other endnotes that are written in Korean.
  2. SIU Blogpost
    Translation by Unknown on Google docs


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