2F - Position Test (3): This is the thirtieth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It continuos with the lesson of the Position Test, with the Scout class needing to find friends as an assignment.


After one of the Wave Controller lessons, Baam meets another Regular assigned the Wave Controller position, Ho. Ho tells Baam that controlling shinsu is mostly a matter of talent, a statement which Laure agrees with. To demonstrate, Laure tells Baam to "Imagine the whole world gathering over your hand into a point". Baam does so and is able to create a small ball of shinsu, astounding Ho.

Back in his room, Khun talks with Baam for a bit about Rak storming off to return to the wilds, apparently due to something that happened in the Spear Bearer's class, likely the target test they were given. Just then, Hatsu and Leesoo enter the room and ask them to sign a form indicating that they are friends, which is a test given out for those in the Scout class. Khun doesn't see anything in it for him, and he and Hatsu get in a fight. Hatsu makes fun of Khun's earrings and Khun jests at Hatsu's "way of the warrior" and the tendency for people like him to claim that they'll commit Halbok (similar to Seppuku) at a moment's notice.

Baam agrees to become friends anyway, which also makes Khun reluctantly agree. For some reason, Rak is climbing a rope on the outside of the complex, possibly either training or attempting to get back to the testing area after running away to the wilds.

In the meantime, Rachel's dreaming about seeing the sky and stars. Baam is also in the dream, but he starts gathering friends of his own, which upsets Rachel. She wakes up from her dream, short of breath.



Naver Endnote

It's already 30 episodes. &, 3 audio dramas.[1]

Blog Post

There is a blog post around the time of this chapter, but it does not pertain to this chapter and is just SIU ranting about a Korean author that died, which he ends with this afterword:


First Manga I ever bought was Dragon Ball.

My parents were against me buying manga, so I had to use a complicated war plan to do that.

I had bought without knowing anything about it.

I kept it secret and read it like a few hundred times.

These days I can read comic books far more easily, but that feeling can't come. Pity.


Notes and Trivia

  • While Hatsu and Khun are having their stare-off in the panel with lightning, the Pokémon Pikachu and Rayquaza can be seen in the background.


  1. The peculiar syntax of the original Korean was kept, with the Ampersand after the dot.
  2. SIU Blogpost
    Translation by Unknown on Google docs


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