2F - Position Test (1): This is the twenty-eighth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows Baam as he wakes up and learn about the next test, the Position Test.


Baam has a flashback of the time when Rachel told him about the top of the tower. Interestingly, the crest of the Crimson Three Eyes is visible in Baam's cave. Back in the present, Baam wakes up and Khun informs him that their next test started two days ago, though it seems that Baam has gotten lucky and didn't fail, despite being unconscious.

During another flashback Lero-Ro explains each of the Positions introducing the next exam, the Position Test. In this test, each of the Regulars has been assigned one of the positions. Throughout the course of the next month, they will undergo tests according to the position to which they were assigned, and at the end of the month, some number of Regulars from each position will pass. Notably, Baam is assigned to the Wave Controller position. Lero-Ro informs them that due to scheduling issues, the Wave Controller instruction won't begin for three days. This means that Baam woke up just in time and won't suffer any disadvantage from being unconscious for several days.

Back in Baam's room, Baam asks Khun about what happened to Rachel after she was injured in the Crown Game. Khun tells him, laughing in a nervous manner, that the girl Baam thinks is Rachel is just fine, having hardly been injured at all, and that she isn't actually the Rachel that Baam knows. Baam doubts him and Khun gives Baam a uniform and headband, which he puts on. Sometime later, Baam is seen entering the Wave Controller classroom.



Naver Endnote

I can ride the wave and create an idol group, while I have the momentum.

Blog Post

There is a blog post around the time of this chapter, but it does not pertain to this chapter and is just SIU ranting about the Cafe. He rants about the Cafe members and other topics related to the Cafe, which was more relevant when this chapter was posted, as he used to spend a lot more time there then.




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