2F - Rest (2): Anak is having trouble using Black March, so she asks Leesoo to try to talk to it. However, Black March apparently doesn't like Leesoo, and she electrocutes him several times. Serena comes in and invites Leesoo to drink with her, though they get in a squabble, as usual.

Androssi approaches Anak and informs her that Black March belongs to Yuri Zahard. She also calls Anak a fake, inviting an attack from Anak, though Androssi easily blocks it. After arguing for a bit, they talk about Androssi's team. She explains that when she met Rachel she got an impression that she shouldn't fight her, not because Rachel was strong, but because it felt like she came from a 'different place'.

Meanwhile, Khun and Rachel are talking at Baam's bedside. They talk for a while about Rachel's history with Baam, and Rachel asks Khun not to tell Baam about her. Rachel also mentions the legend of the top of the Tower, where one can see real stars and the sky. Rak shows up and is humorously worried about Baam. Afterward, the next round of tests start, with Baam waking up two days later.



Blog Post

27-28 NO BLOGPOST, Short Ranting about Cafe

RANTING ABOUT TALKING ABOUT CAFE MEMBERS AND SUCH (he used to come cafe often in early days.)


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