2F - Crown Game (9): This is the twenty-second chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows the third round of the Crown Game with Khun still dominating, even tricking Chungchung using a fake crown.


Round three of the Crown Game continues with Hyun Seung attacking Rak while Palgyon attacks Khun. Catan also attacks Khun and is sucked up into his bag Manbarondenna, surprising everyone. Chichi attacks and misses Baam, but before he can attack again Khun takes him out with Manbarondenna and then uses it to block an attack from Leon 3.

Khun and Rak are surrounded. Back to back, they are being attacked on both sides. At the last minute, though, they jump, avoiding the attacks and causing Leon 3 to hit Amigochaz by mistake. Afterwards, Rak and Khun take out Hyun Seung and Palgyon.

The remaining enemies (Levin, Rozéal and Leon 3) try and rush them by attacking at the same time. All of their attacks are stopped mysteriously and afterwards Khun and Rak quickly take out the remaining attackers.

Chungchung meanwhile, has been trying to sneak to the throne with the crown. Khun is aware of this fact and mocks Chungchung by revealing to her that the crown she has is a fake replica made by Manbarondenna. Chungchung feels outraged that her entire effort has been futile.



Naver Endnote


Blog Post

Personally I have many troubles. And bad conditions.
Briefly after posting, I will go silent for a week.
So many spoiler comments.
Those are EMP, taking away the willpower of authors. And now mana is gone away.
Ananarasumara was a little joke.
Webtoon joke seemed like more fun and consistent.

Newbie authors like me haven't even got a chance to talk with great senior authors such as Ha Ill Guan.
I hope that day would come though. I respect him a lot.
[RWF Note: He is talking about the 'spell' Khun used with Manbarondenna, his magic bag.]
[RWF Note: Ha Il Guan has been a famous manhwa author since 2006, when the concept of paid Webtoons just began. Ananrasumara was his Webtoon about a magician living in an abandoned amusement park, a poor girl living without parents and a boy who is expected to always be the top in class.]
I will be resting from many things except Webtoon.


Notes and Trivia

  • Levin is using Laure's pillow to support his elbow when the three teams focuses on Baam. Laure is in the corner of the panel crying.


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