2F - Crown Game (8): Each of the teams that entered the Crown Game following Anak's departure believe that they can win. Rozéal thinks she can get the crown from a distance using her Shinsoo wand. Levin believes that Catan's ability to change shape will let him get the crown quickly. Chungchung is light and thus also expects to take the crown right away.

Nonetheless, just as each of them are about to take action, Khun runs to the throne at a remarkable speed and puts the crown in his bag, claiming that he wants to fight the others just for fun. After some mindless banter from the others, Khun changes his mind, pulls the crown out of his bag, tosses it away and tells the others to fight amongst themselves. The others, though, angered by Khun's action, vow to defeat his team first. As they prepare to fight, Chungchung decides that she'll try to take the crown while they're fighting.



Blog Post

The chapter's upload was late.
After I woke up, I could see people gave few stars for that.
And many meaningless spoilers in comment area.
Well, not much use for an afterword today.


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