2F - Crown Game (7): Lero-Ro agrees to adding Anak's new rule about betting the Green April and the Black March, and states that this Crown Game would probably be known as the greatest one in history. The game continues without a winner from the previous round. As Anak is going back to her cell, one of the three Regulars from the other district appears to whisper something to her, making her angry. She almost attacks the Regular but Hatsu stops her in order to prevent any repercussions from the test examiners.

Koon's team talks for a bit, and Baam has a flashback to a time when Rachel told him never to betray anyone. The countdown to the next round begins, and when it's over Koon's team, Rozéal's team, Levin's team and Aleksai's team step out.



Blog Post

The Crown Game will be over within 25 chapters.
I am trying to put more efforts into cutting length, but it is hard.
And those who keep on commenting 'Spoilers', there are many changes so most of them are not true anymore. So please stop.
Also, I have been asked about my personal info and such.
I hope those things won't come anymore, for I believe the ID of the author must be protected.
By the way, I got some mails in English.
I don't know how you guys are reading, but thank you.
[RWF Note: He later writes he won't say anything about scans of ToG in other countries.]