2F - Crown Game (6): This is the nineteenth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows Baam as he is hesitant to accept a deal purposed by Anak, but eventually agrees to bet Black March on the result of the test.


Anak, having just broke into the cell of Baam, Khun, and Rak, asks Baam where he got the Black March and demands that he give it to her. Leesoo gets angry at Anak for disqualifying them by leaving the throne. In the course of their conversation Anak reveals that she is actually one of Zahard's Princesses, dumbfounding Leesoo. Anak also reveals that her weapon, which the others had merely thought was something incredibly powerful, was actually the Green April, one of the 13 Month Series crafted by Ashul Edwaru.

Baam refuses to hand over the Black March, which spurs Anak to attack him. Just as she is about to, though, she is stopped by Lero-Ro, who demands that she return to her cell. Before doing so, Anak asks to add a rule to the Crown Game - namely, that the Black March and Green April would be wagered on the outcome. Baam's team must go out in the next round, and if they win he gets the Green April and Anak will stop targeting him for the remainder of the Floor. Otherwise, Baam must give the Black March to Anak. Baam is hesitant about accepting the deal, but considering the alternative - i.e. that Anak pursues Baam for the rest of the round anyway, Khun steps in and accepts for him.



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Former half was Anak team's turn, latter half Baam team's.
This test seems to be the least changed.
After all, I made efforts to carry it the same as possible since many people loved this in Best Challenge.
The only big difference will be that the reason Anak wanted to have Black March is not told, but it stays the same, just put off for later story.
[RWF Note: It is about the one who collects them all can have Zahard's child. Which doesn't seem to work well with Anak's revenge of killing Zahard...]

Some stuff about Korean grammar.



  1. RaKhunBam (라쿤밤, Lakunbam) is often used by Korean fans to talk about the friendship between the three main characters; Rak, Khun, and Baam. It is also common to use this phrase when there is fan art with all three present.
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