2F - Crown Game (4): Just as Hatsu is about to attack Laure, there is a flashback of Laure convincing Serena and Ho to enter the second round. His argument is that when there are many attacking teams, as there might be in the later rounds, the defenders are actually at an advantage because the attackers will tend to fight each other first. Thus, if they can get the crown now, they'll have a decent chance of keeping it until the end of the game.

After the flashback, Laure wakes up and fires a Shinsoo blast at Anak, who dodges it by moving to the top of the throne. Ho and Serena then rush the throne and battle Anak and Hatsu for a couple of seconds before Laure fires another Shinsoo blast, this time hitting Anak. Surprisingly, she is able to take the blast.

Anak, furious that Laure shot her, ignites Green April and vows to kill Laure's Team. Green April becomes large enough to reach the entire arena of the Crown Game. The onlookers are shocked, and Baam's Black March begins to tremble.



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Laure should go back to sleep...


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