2F - Crown Game (3): Ship Leesoo is frustrated with Anak Zahard refusing to leave the throne. The next round begins with two new team entering and Hatsu's Team defending, after fighting off the other contestants Hatsu tries to kill Laure.


The first round formally ends with Hatsu's Team winning, entirely due to Anak. Leesoo, knowing that he is the weakest on his team, tries to become the person to sit on the throne, but the rules forbid it, a fact of which they weren't aware due to rushing out in the first round. Khun seems partially relieved that Anak is sitting on the throne, though the mere fact that Anak would do something so seemingly irrational worries him. Meanwhile, Hatsu readies himself for the next round, telling Leesoo that it should be simple with him and Leesoo's "Killer Arts".

The countdown to the second round begins, with two teams buzzing in. As the round starts, First Emperor's Team and Laure's Team enter. Serena and Ho team up against Leesoo, while Laure takes a nap, and Deod and Leo Cloaker take on Hatsu. After a few moments with no success, First Emperor joins in.

Leesoo is holding his own against Serena and Ho, but seems to be getting in a bind as their teamwork improves. Just as he is about to be struck down, Hatsu appears and saves him, having apparently defeated First Emperor's team off-screen. Hatsu then notices Laure and gets angry that someone could sleep while his comrades were risking their lives, so he decides to target him next.



Blog Post

The Crown Game's first half is coming to an end.
The main characters' team will come out now.
I had some problem with Hatsu's action scenes. Drawing battles with weapons is hard.
It looked good when I did the first draft in black/white, but colouring was hard. It came out good enough, though.
I'm kind of disappointed that no one seems to be talking about actions but that everybody is interested in the length of the manhwa...
Serena Rinnen's sword was changed from left to right hand. It seemed more natural.



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