2F - Crown Game (1): Yu Han Sung is shocked to discover that there are only three examinees who passed the survival test.

When Quant reveals that there was an Irregular and a Princess of Zahard in the group, he is even more outraged.

Both of them are trapped in a predicament since if Evankhell finds out, the punishment will be severe. However, Yu Han Sung manages to cook up a plan at the last minute...

While Khun goes to the bathroom, Ship Leesoo strikes up a conversation with Baam. While the Regulars are resting, Lero-Ro enters the chamber, revealing an optional game that they can participate in. Few are interested until it is announced that the winners "earn the right to go to the next Floor".

The rules of the Crown Game are skimmed over and the game begins. The first round begins, with Hatsu's Team and Shopin's Team stepping in.




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