2F - Yu Han Sung's Examination (2): This is the twelfth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows Baam's team as Khun struggles to find the right door, which ends with Rak opening a random door.


Khun has a flashback of his past when Maria, rather than his biological sister, was chosen to become Zahard's Princess, which resulted in the Agnis family being exiled from the Khun Family. Khun's mother told him to never trust another and apologised repeatedly for her failure, though secretly there were rumours that Khun had helped Maria become a Princess.

Yu Han Sung's Door Test begins, and the goal is to choose the correct door among twelve within ten minutes. If the Regulars give up, they fail the test. If they choose the wrong door, they die. When Khun asks for hints, the director says that all hints have already been given. Khun, along with Baam and Rak, are in disbelief.

As Rak is causing chaos in the background (with Baam trying to calm him), Khun deliberates on how to solve the test. He notices the clock on the wall, but cannot figure out what it means. As the clock's ticking, Khun wavers between the advice given by Mr. Neonbag and the advice given by his mother.

At the fifth minute mark, Rak kicks down one of the doors...



Naver Endnote

I should lower my standards.

Blog Post

This test is actually made for telling Khun's story. ^^;
I felt it would be needed before the Crown Game, so I put it in.
This is not really important, so it will be over by the next chapter.
Chuseok is next week, so I already did next week's work already. Uhaha.
The rest is not really resting.. Haha;;

Khun is a character I am personally attached to somewhat.
Out of the 3 main characters, perhaps he is the most human.
He acts cool and tough, but he actually sways a lot and he is sensitive.
There has been lots of questions about Khun's bloodline,
As seen in this chapter, he is a son of the Khun Family, one of the 10 Great Families.
Agnis is his mother's family name.
This family has lots of sons, so not much political for them.
But of course, the royal bloodline gives him a good power in both body and mind compared to others.
Choosing Princesses, and political fights between Great Families will be spoken in later Floors.
Since this Floor is more about Regulars' tests..

Tower of God is a story in which I use 'tests' and 'games' for the bigger storyline.
Finally it is time for the Crown Game.
It will need lots of preparations, maybe resting a chapter will be needed.
My wrist would need a checkup too.
Well that is not a problem I can choose by myself, so it will be decided after my wrist is checked.
Tower of God will be a long run.
So I am not going to hurry too much.
Hope you readers can wait week by week, until the end together.




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