2F - Lero-Ro's Test (2): This is the tenth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows Baam as he has a chat with Lero-Ro while the rest of the Regular's are taking the test, which ends when a regular starts complaining.


At the beginning of this chapter, some Regulars are poking the shinsu barrier and getting shocked as a result. Baam, who's sitting on the floor is approached by Lero-Ro, who seems to be intrigued by him. Lero-Ro stating that Baam looks bored, proposes a little bet to guess and select the regular who will pass through the shinsu barrier first, with the winner getting to ask the loser any question they want. Baam agrees right away, with Lero-Ro almost immediately picking Anak.

While inspecting the Regulars, Baam thinks to himself that there is a strong chance Rachel has come this way and that Lero-Ro might have seen her. Baam notices something about Anak that's making her stand out (it's likely shinsu, due to her being a Demi-Princess) as well. Based on that alone, he also picks Anak. Lero-Ro asks him why, to which Baam simply replies "a feeling...". Just afterwards, Anak passes through the barrier with relative ease, which leaves a nearby regular in awe.

Lero-Ro states it's a draw, but concedes anyway since he's the Ranker and hence will answer Baam's questions. Baam asks about Rachel and gives a description of her to Lero-Ro, who states that he hasn't seen her but that it's possible she may have been tested at another location, so he'll ask the other examiners for him. Baam then asks about Irregulars.

The scene shifts to Ship Leesoo still trying to get through the barrier, saying it makes no sense that his teammates could get through the barrier but he couldn't. Serena Rinnen then taunts Leesoo about not being able to get through the barrier, stating that only chosen people like her can get through the barrier. While taunting him, her head smacks into the barrier and starts bleeding. Leesoo taunts her, calling her an old lady, and asks if she'd like him to wipe the blood from her face. Leesoo and Serena then start yelling and banging on the barrier, waking up Laure, who asks them to keep the yelling to outside the Tower. Laure then passes through the barrier without any trouble and lies back down with his pillow and blanket to go back to sleep, which enrages Serena and Leesoo. Serena yells that she's going to rip apart his pillow and blanket, and Leesoo says he won't be able to rest peacefully until he kills "that bastard".

In the meantime, Lero-Ro answers Baam's earlier question by stating that an Irregular is "someone who violates the Tower's laws". Baam inquires further about this, to which Lero-Ro tells him about the structure of the Tower. Lero-Ro points out that it's as if this is the first time Baam's heard all this, what causes Baam to panic and claim that he already knew what he was being told. Lero-Ro then states that Regulars are all 'chosen', and that the choosing of Regulars are done by Headon. Rarely, though, those that aren't chosen make their way into the Tower and they are the Irregulars. Baam asks if Irregulars are bad people to which Lero-Ro replies, "even though they are against the laws of the Tower, that doesn't mean they all must be bad people", then stating "however all the Irregulars that have come in... Phantaminum, Enryu, Urek Mazino (implying they are the only Irregulars thus far) have had so much power that they became a symbol of fear". Baam then asks if it would be possible to meet them to which Lero-Ro affirms; "of course it is, at the top. Since everything exists at the top".

Suddenly, a Regular who hasn't made it through the barrier starts complaining and boasting about his power, shouting he's the strongest out of the Regulars and calling the test stupid. Lero-Ro then passes through the barrier to see the Regular who then says he can tell at a glance that Lero-Ro is weak. Lero-Ro chastises him for not realising this test was the last merciful chance he will get. Lero-Ro then says he must be stupid and he will teach him the power that exists in the Tower the hard way and that is why he can't possibly progress higher.



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