2F - Evankhell's Hell (3): Another battle is about to unfold in another part of the test area, pitting a swordsman against the green lizard-like girl. All of a sudden, (for almost no reason) a guy wearing purple sweats appears in between and is caught in their fierce fight, though they pay no attention to him.

Rak is searching for Baam and the blue haired man soon introduces himself as Koon Aguero Agnis. After learning that Baam possesses the Black March, Koon decides that Baam would make a worthy ally and decides to climb the Tower together with him.  Meanwhile, Rak is raging up a storm, calling them turtles.



Blog Post

This chapter has lots of battle scenes.
Anak and Hatsu have a top level among the Regulars around,
So I wanted to give them a good impact, but it was not easy.
The basics are important. Practice makes perfect.
What you have to notice.
-What Anak wears is NOT Hanbok. [RWF note: Korean traditional clothing]
The design is based on it, but it is not exactly it because of many differences.
It is an hybrid of both Eastern and Western... but there is no deep meaning into that.
All characters will NOT have the exact appearance of any parcticular countries' clothes.
-The guy in loose clothes is actually an important character. [RWF note: Leader Leesoo!]
-Koon is named after the football player indeed, there are few more with such pattern for their names.
-The beginning of Season 1 is meant to be lighter than later on.
- I tried to draw lines thicker for battle scenes.