2F - Evankhell's Hell (2): after meeting Baam the blue-haired guy proceeds to explain that the creature standing before Baam was docile but Rak Wraithraiser showed up and said that he wanted to hunt Baam but Khun Aguero Agnis came to the rescue and the two proceeds to run away from Rak Wraithraiser .


The chapter starts with an unknown crocodile-like creature surveying the battlefield atop a hill and deciding on a prey. He notices two entities in particular: a green lizard-like girl with an "oppressively strong" weapon, and Baam (noting that Baam's weapon was similar to the girl's).

Continuing from the previous chapter, Baam is preparing to strike a humongous grey creature when he's stopped by a blue-haired guy, who comments on Baam's poor stance. He then proceeds to explain that the creature standing before Baam was docile and questions him about his background, which Baam declines to explain.

Feeling that he wasn't going to get anywhere with the questions, the guy leaves, only to be stopped by the unknown crocodile-like creature. At first, he mistakenly thought of Rak as Baam's pet, calling him an alligator in the process. The crocodile introduced himself to be Rak Wraithraiser, and identified his intention: to hunt Baam and fight his weapon. The white-haired guy then proceeds to leave, saying it wasn't any of his business, but came back to rescue Baam as Rak closes in. After a successful hit, the two proceed to run away from Rak.



Blog Post

Rak appears.
I love Rak.
He is so fun and full of energy.
When most of the characters in Tower of God hide their pain and past,
Rak shows himself as he is openly.
So I feel happy when I'm drawing him.
As I said, there will be differences made in the 2F story.
Yu Hang Sung will appear sooner, Crown Game will be pushed a bit behind.
will try to give you the best story I can come with, so be prepared. ^^



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