2F - Evankhell's Hell (1): Baam, dwelling upon his memories involving Rachel after passing out after passing Headon's test, regains consciousness due to a blaring speaker overhead, informing him that he was on the Second Floor, Evankhell's Floor.

Apparently, Evankhell's Floor is dubbed the "Floor of Test" and deems whether or not one is strong enough to climb the Tower. The first test involves lowering the total number of participants within the test, a total of 400, to just 200 "by any means". The 200 remaining participants would then pass and proceed to the next test.

As Baam attempts to comprehend the situation, he is attacked by a masked swordsmen. Baam manages to dodge several blows, and then the swordsman is killed by an archer. Just as the archer is about to shoot Baam, she is shot by a sniper.

As Baam is saved and makes his escape, he encounters a giant hippo like creature. The scene moves on and focuses on another guy with white hair with blue bangs, as he takes down a four armed red man and saying, "Isn't there anyone worthy enough to go up with?"



Blog Post

Khun is here at last.
A smart guy, he is.
Every word and action of his must be watched carefully.
Well.. to be frank he can be described as a dark hearted one.(...) [RWF note: Meaning he is greedy.]
His family is great by the way, high class in the Tower.
2F story will go slower than it went last time. [RWF note: Meaning before Webtoon release.]
Fast path story was interesting but it ruined the general flow of the story.
I want the full picture rather then parts.
[RWF note: Some say SIU used wrong Korean grammar on purpose.]


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