1F - Headon's Floor (3): Baam faces the White Steel Eel with the Black March and realises that he fears losing Rachel more than death. 

As Evan watches on, he deduces that Baam could beat the Eel by letting it eat him and then stabbing it in the tongue, but to do so a person would have to be completely insane. It is obvious that Baam should run, yet Baam actually lets the Eel swallow him, much to Evan and Yuri's surprise. He manages to stun the Eel long enough to stab the Ball.

Yuri asks Headon whether the real purpose of the Test was to see if Baam had the courage, determination, and judgement needed to climb the Tower, to which Headon replies that it could be interpreted that way.

However, when Baam stabs the Ball with the Black March, it does not pop. Worse yet, the Eel is recovering. Yuri is distressed by this and frantically asks Headon what on earth he's doing, to which Headon just replies, "it's a very well made Ball".



Blog Post

Just as I expected.
Headon's haters population rocketed.
Strange being, Headon is.
It is hard to know what is in it's mind.
[RWF Note : I am using 'it' for Headon because SIU has not made clear if Guardians have genders at all.]
Sometimes it is like an angel, sometimes like a devil.
That is why I like this character so much.
Next chapter will be the end of 1st Floor, with about 90 cuts, and 2nd Floor will begin the chapter after that.
Something new will be added, hope you don't miss it.^^


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