1F - Headon's Floor (2): Yuri and Evan travel down to Headon's Floor to see the new Irregular... but are disappointed when they see Baam. Evan states that he does not feel the same strength coming from Baam as he did from Urek and doubts that he will be able to beat the White Steel Eel. Yuri, however, takes a liking to Baam and jumps down to him, despite Evan telling her not to. She stops Baam from running towards the Steel Eel by kicking him in the face.

When she discovers that he cannot understand her, Yuri makes Evan give Baam an A-grade Pocket. She also asks Headon to make the test easier for Baam and Headon agrees to let Yuri give Baam the Black March. Although she is surprised by this suggestion, she gives him the weapon. Evan asks why she did this and Yuri says she simply took a liking to the boy. Meanwhile, Baam enters the Steel Eel's cage and begins the test.


Blog Post

I re-drew all scenes of Yuri because her hair style looked a bit weird.
This chapter is long, isn't it?
I was surprised too, after I finished working on it.
It was about 140 cuts, go and count it if you are curious. ^^;
The next one and the chapter after that would have to go about 70 cuts, though.
Please know that the length are decided by story directing, not on my easiness. ^^:
Yuri's hair looks cooler.
Yuri and Baam are the two hardest characters to draw in Tower of God, to be honest.
Her hair is what makes Yuri difficult.
Baam is hard to draw and I have to show his thoughts.
His setting is, after all, 'A Boy who clings to a Girl to a point over normal'
So when Baam shows up, I would have to throw normal story line up to the space.(...)
And I have to retry drawing his cuts over and over.
But that is his best part, too.
Something that is lost from adults.
Even though I have forgotten, I must have been like that when I fell in love for the first time like most men do.
(Of course what Baam feels for Rachel is somewhat different from love.)
1F is like a tutorial for the Tower, so it may be hard to understand and you may feel lost.
But it has secrets hinting to the rest of the story. Maybe you can find some. ^^


Notes and Trivia

  • It's still unknown how Yuri heard that an Irregular had entered the Tower.