1F - Headon's Floor (1) is the first chapter of the Tower of God webtoon.


The series opens in a dark and mysterious place, with Baam, carrying a cleaver, pursuing Rachel. Once he catches her, they both fall onto a huge door-like structure on the ground. He asks Rachel where she is going and she answers, "I'm going to climb the Tower". A strange light emerges, wrapping itself around her body. Baam pleads with her not to go, to no avail. The door opens beneath them, with both Baam and Rachel getting sucked in.

When Baam opens his eyes he finds himself in a large cavern covered in carvings, with only a weak light emanating from the torches on the walls. The rabbit-like creature Headon appears, greeting Baam and saying that it has been a while since he has had a guest. 

He introduces himself as the Guardian of the lowest Floor of the Tower.

Headon asks Baam why he entered the Tower. Baam says that he followed a girl there and asks Headon if he had seen a blonde girl passing by. Headon does not answer his question, but says that everything a person could want is placed at the top of the Tower. However, in order to continue climbing, individuals must take a series of tests administered on each Floor.

The test Headon prepares is Ball - Baam must evade a White Steel Eel and pop the large ball located in its cage. Headon tries to discourage him from taking the test due to its immense difficulty, but Baam steels himself and charges forward nonetheless.


Blog Post

Hello, it's me, SIU

It's been some time since I wrote something on my blog.
At last the first chapter of Tower of God is on Naver.

I didn't really feel anything until the teaser, but now with the first chapter up..
It makes me kinda nervous.^^;
I try to work with the thought that I just have to do better if the reactions not good,
But I still hope there are positive reactions.

Honestly speaking I had a lot of trouble with the first chapter until I finished it.
I modified it like three times after finishing^^;;
I wanted to show a better chapter one now that im a pro. I'm just sorry that I annoyed the person in charge, haha.
In the case of quantity, I tried to show a bit more in the first chapter,
But I did not think that it was good to mess it up with too much greed,
So I made the first chapter long and short enough.

Btw the next chapter has some more stuff^^;;
I'm working all over on the thing, so it'll be hard to go too fast,
But there'll be more than when I was in best challenge

Lastly, please refrain from spoiling.


Notes and Trivia

  • The glowing eyes seen in the cave when Baam first enters the Tower actually belong to Rachel.