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Canines (견족들을) is an artificial race created through the use of Baylord Doom's power. Most of them live in The Cage under Baylord Yama's rule, but there are still some that want Baylord Doom back in power.


The Lo Po Bia Family Head took in Baylord brothers’ (Baylord Doom, Baylord Yama, and Baylord Paul) father after he was created by the Workshop and raised him, eventually using him to create the Canine people to carry out the dirty work of the family.[1] Through the machination of Lo Po Bia Yasratcha their father was branded a traitor and killed but not before telling Doom to take his two brothers and flee.[1][2]

As the oldest brother, Doom became the leader because he had a knack for leading a pack unlike his other two brothers. Doom had a "special ability". He has an ability to share his powers with others. With his power, even an ordinary and powerless human could become a canine person and transform.

None of the Baylord Brothers could bear a child, but the newly turned canine people could, and that's how Doom gradually created the Canine People. Baylord Doom had the ability to mind control the canine people whom he had shared his power. If Doom wanted to, he could even make the entire canine people end their lives.

They have for a long time been controlled by Baylord Doom, but after Baylord Yama had enough of Doom's casual murder of his subjects he rebelled. This caused a civil war among the Canines, but despite being more influential, Doom did not have the individual power to go against Yama. Yama proceeded to banish Baylord Paul and remove Doom's fang before locking him up under the cage. After this incident, the Canines were ruled by Yama. [3]


The Baylord brothers are the only "true" canine people, with all other canine being artificial beings created by infusing Baylord Doom's power into ordinary people. However, they are in most ways similar to canine lords in appearance and abilities.

Canine Lords

Canine Lords (견족) are created when powerful people are transformed into canines, most of them are leaders in the cage or are generally in higher positions than the Mutts.


Mutts (수인들) are created when less powerful people are transformed into canines, they look more like actual dogs and behave more like dogs than Canine Lords. Most of the civilians and lesser servants of Yama are Mutts because usually are not as powerful as Canine Lords, but they are still valued member of Yama's Gang.[4]

Combat Dogs

Combat Dogs or War Dogs (군견이야) are different from the other canines since they are not able to think freely. They do everything their master tells them without any care or concern for their own well being. They are the perfect unthinking soldier that Baylord Yama employs so that he does not have to use his own people to fight the wars of FUG.[3]

Appearance and Personality

Their appearance differs depending on what kind of canine they are, where Canine Lords only have canine ears to distinguish them from ordinary humans. Mutts look more like dogs than they do humans, with a full dog's head and fur all over their body. Other than that the appearance varies a lot between the canines, except for the combat dogs which appear a lot like the mutts, but with a uniform Doberman look.

Canines believe in the rule of the powerful, with strength deciding who will become powerful and who will become rich. This mindset means that sports are quite important, with a lot of Baylord Yama's wealth coming from sporting events.[4]


Canines are usually more powerful than ordinary people, with Canine Lords usually beings strongest and Mutts being the weaker kind of canine. In addition to the base power that comes with being a canine, there is also the ability to use Transformation.

Canine Transformation

Transformation involves transforming parts of the body into that of beasts, which is classified by Stages or Levels, with higher numbers indicating higher levels of power. It usually makes the user more powerful, with some gaining special abilities, like advanced flight abilities, bullets that always hit their target, or restraining abilities. All the most powerful Canines can use Transformation, but those with thinner Canine blood usually do not have the ability of Transformation.



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