Partial Transformation

Partial Transformation or Transformation is a term that were used to describe the Canines's ability to 'transform' their physical body.


Canine transformation takes on quite different forms depending on the user, with most forms having their own unique names. The power also has different "stages" or "level", with higher numbers indicating more powerful transformations. There are total of 7 transformation stages that we know so far.

The application of canine transformation is usually used as a source of extra power, used if the base strength is not enough to defeat the opponent. It can also give useful special abilities, like bullets that do not miss, better flight/transportation abilities, or binding attacks. This means that certain transformations can be favored over others due to the utility of the Transformation and not the strength of them.


Known Transformations

Partial Transformation (Unclassified)

Bongso, Canhong, and R are seen using partial transformation of an undisclosed stage, which is usually just referred to as Transformation or Partial Transformation without a particular name.

Stage 1 Partial Transformation

Stage 2 Partial Transformation

Stage 3 Partial Transformation

Stage 4 Partial Transformation

Stage 5 Partial Transformation

Stage 6 Partial Transformation

Stage 7 Partial Transformation


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