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Full Transformation

Full Transformation (완전 의태 , Wanjeon uitae, "Full Mimicry, Perfect Mimicry") is a very high advanced form of Canine Transformation where the Canines can "fully transform" their physical body parts. Yama first showed the power of Full Transformation when he fought the FUG Elder, Khel Hellam.[2]

Among all the Canine People, Baylord Yama is the only one who have achieved Full Transformation,[3][2] although for now, it's only limited to "both of his arms" since Yama still can't figure out how to fully transform his other body parts because of the intense pain process.[4]


Baylord Yama was able to achieve Full Transformation through a very long years of hard-work and focusing on training to becoming stronger to protect the Canines race.

According to Yama, Full Transformation is tough to bear even for him. But he used to pushing through the pain on his own determination, using it as "fuel" and motivation to keep getting stronger.[4] It seems when using Full Transformation there is significant strain on the body making it difficult to use for extend periods time.

Appearances and Design

In Full Transformation form, Yama's hair turned white, both of his half arms and legs are covered with black red. He grows red wings on both of his shoulders and it similar like Canzon's Mimicry form. He also has two legs that are similar to Gado's Black Foot. He has a very long tail which looks fiery. Two red silver crescent shaped, sharp looking object are floating at each of his both hands.


While his brother Baylord Doom started neglecting his training and instead focusing more on building an army of canine people and bossing them around, playing politics,[3] Yama continued to train everyday. Eventually achieving Full Mimicry which he kept hidden until his final fight with Doom during the 1st Canine Civil War.

It was during the fight between Yama and Doom in which they seemed to be relatively evenly match that Yama relieved that he was able to use Full Transformation. With the defeat of of Doom by Yama, the civil war between the Baylord Brothers was over with Yama became the king of the canine people and those who supported Doom were exiled from The Cage. This "show of power" would stay in the minds of those who saw it as even years later, with both Doom and Paul would seize up in fear when remembering Yama fully transformed.[3]

When Yama used Full Transformation power on the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (Peace Council) during the event of Battle of The Second Wall of Peaceful Coexistence, Lo Po Bia Yasratcha was shocked and stated that Yama was also apparently "worthy" to holds the power.[5] Indicating that the Felines can also use such Transformation form like the Canines Full Transformation.

Power and Abilities

Full Transformation will transmit and generate a enormous flow of Shinsu once its activated.[6]

Left Arm

Baylord Yama swing his full transformed left arm to attack Khel Hellam. The offensive power resulted from that one swing is very powerful and massive that even Evankhell had to block the wave of the attack with her two hands. The defensive power of the left arm can also block Heavenly Light, an ability of Khel to strike multiple shinsu arrows.[6]

Right Arm

Yama swung his fully transformed right arm to attack Yasratcha after Evankhell blinded him. However, Yasratcha was able to easily speed past Yama's attack and heavily wound him.

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