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External Transformation

External Transformation (외부 의태, Oebu Uitae, "External Mimicry") is an advanced form of Canine Transformation where the Canines can perform the Transformation outside of their physical body.[4]


Tower of God: Part 3

Heart (Arc)

Baylord Doom was the first Canine People to master the skill of External Transformation. This skill was first displayed when Doom was awaken or unsealed from the prison within The Cage.[2]

Khel Hellam (Arc)

After Twenty-Fifth Baam was sent flying by Karaka towards the ground where Baylord Doom stand, Doom used his external transformation power as a wall for defense. Baam tried to penetrate it with his shinsu attack Seven Dragons Endless Sky in order to approach Doom, but Doom's external transformation can regenerate pretty quickly.[5]

The Intrusion

When the "Branch Head of Windbird" clan Lo Po Bia Dokoko summoned his Shinheuh, the Six-Winged Giant Windbird on The Second Defensive Wall of The Nest, Baylord Doom transformed half of his body with the power of Mimicry. Doom then used his external transformation power to injure the giant windbird. Doom's external transformation was very effective, but not enough to kill the giant windbird because it changed to its second form.[6]

Battle Royale

Baylord Yama first showed his own version of external transformation during the fight with Lo Po Bia Yasratcha. Yama tried to trap Yasratcha, but the Army Corp Commander of the 5th Army Corp responded by simply using his own external transformation to easily destroy Yama's external transformation, ripping it apart into pieces. Yasratcha even said Yama was delusional to think he can beat him with such a little trick.[7]

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