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Canine Transformation (의태 , Uitae , "Mimicry")[1] is a term that were used to describe Canines's special ability to 'transform' their physical body.


Canine Transformation is a Transformation ability of the Canines race to mimic the Beastification power of the Felines race (the model). The most notable resemblance that evolve in canine transformation are their visual body (in which its has more furs, unlike the Felines) and can also produced way more unique or special kind of transformation form than the Felines, like bullets that do not miss, better flight abilities, or binding attacks. This also means that certain transformation form can be favored over others form due to its utility and not the strength.

However, Canine Transformation is "not perfect" and the Canine people can only "partially transform their" body (usually their arms or legs), this is called the "(Partial Canine Transformation, 부분 의태, Bubun Uitae, "Partial Mimicry")". Canine Transformation is different to its parent technique Beastification that allows the Felines people to fully transform their body's appearance.

The application of Canine Transformation is usually used as a source of extra power, used if the base strength is not enough to defeat the opponent. Mimicry takes on different, various forms depending on its user, with most forms having their own unique names. The power also has different "stages" or "level", with higher numbers indicating more powerful transformations. There are currently total of 7 transformation stages.

According to the "fake public knowledge", not all Canine People have the ability to use Canine Transformation, since the "pure canine blood" of the current generation has gradually become weaker because the power were always decreased every time new generation was born. This leaves the new generation having less probability of experiencing the power awakening or inheritance. Usually the powers awaken purely by chance and is quite painful the first time.[2] After Baylord Doom was unsealed from his slumber, the "true fact" was revealed and this whole blood problem only happened because Doom's power were extracted by a special machine built by The Workshop. Doom can actually use his power at will freely to create a strong Canine and he can also control how strong the target will be.


Doom's External Transformation will cover up the target to turn them into canine people

The source of power for this Canine Transformation are actually came from Baylord Doom's special power. Doom has an ability to "share" canine transformation power, so he can turn any living beings to become canine people.[3] In other words, the originality of the canines transformation power are "not an innate born ability", but rather, it was "created" by Doom's power. Baylord Yama also confirmed this after saying that he and his brothers 'cannot bear a child'.[3]

Because none of the Baylord Brothers could bear a child, they had to turned normal humans into 'canine people' that can breed, and that's how Doom gradually create the Canines. However, as the generations of canine people continue to breed children, the transformation power is bound to get weaker and eventually disappeared.[3] So it means, the younger generation you are in, the more weaker your transformation power.

The only way for young generation of canine people to increase their transformation power and strength is to compete and fight each other to gain attention of Doom, so that Doom will give them power. Only by receiving Doom's special power, can one's increase their transformation power. More importantly, if Doom dies, so does the transformation power.

Known Canine Transformation Forms

Partial Transformation (Unclassified)

Bongso, Canhong, and R are seen using partial transformation of an undisclosed stage, which is usually just referred to as Transformation or Partial Transformation without a particular name.

Stage 1 Partial Transformation

Stage 2 Partial Transformation

Stage 3 Partial Transformation

Stage 4 Partial Transformation

Stage 5 Partial Transformation

Stage 6 Partial Transformation

Stage 7 Partial Transformation

Full Transformation

Baylord Yama is known as the only one Canine to be able to fully transform his whole body.[14]

Known Users

The following are the list of Canine People who have transformation power:

Notes and Trivia

  • SIU refers to Canines Transformation as either Partial Mimicry (부분 의태) or just Mimicry (의태).



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