Canhong (켄홍, Kenhong) is a C-Rank Regular, and is Canzon's daughter who wanted to participate at the Canine Tooth Festival.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Canhong is seen as very muscular and has long black hair.

She was very caring for her father. She immediately checked on her father even after taking a fatal blow from Paul and even gave encouragement for her father to keep trying and win.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Deng Deng

Canhong is seen in the gym and was surprised when she thought Deng Deng was missing but was found. After hearing the Slayer Candidate is involved, with confidence, Canhong says she'll beat Deng Deng and be the star of the Canine Tooth Festival.

When Baylord Paul appeared and killed her two friends, she ran up to him and was dealed a fatal blow.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Stealing the Fang 2

After taking a hit from High-Ranker Paul which was fatal, she was healed completely from the sweetfish from Khun Aguero Agnis who originally belonged to Yeon Woon. She quickly met up with her father who was defeated and lying down on the ground. She encouraged her father to keep trying and fight Gado the traitor. Canzon then left Canhong to fight Gado once again.

Power and Abilities

She hasn't displayed any abilities yet but she may have given Deng Deng a good fight.


  • (To Canzon) "You have already fought hard enough for the Cage. I understand if you are exhausted. But are you really okay with that? I don't want to see you fight and suffer, of course. But it hurts me, even more, to see you acting so weak, Father. Why are you so obsessed with winning, Father?" [2]
  • (To Canzon) "I have something I can't never give up on. As far as I know you, you are the one who would try a thousand times even if there is no chance of winning!! And if you end up losing, people may call you a loser. But I would be so proud of you, Father!! Some fights are worth trying even if you lose!! That's what I respect about you, Father!!" [2]


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