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This is the sixth book of the physical release of Tower of God. The book covers chapter 51 to 60 with the story of the book ending at the start of the Submerged Fish Hunt Test while the Bull, the most dangerous creature in the test site, is shown lurking in the cave.

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Submerged Fish

Last Examination

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Redrawn Panels

Redrawn Panels
# Chapter Webcomic Version Redrawn Version Explanation
1 Volume 1, Chapter 48
48 - Baam Saving Rachel.png
Panel Rework Book 6-1.png
Baam saving Rachel from Ho using the technique he learned from Quant
2 Volume 1, Chapter 56
56 - Hansung Doesn't Afraid.png
Panel Rework Book 6-2.png
Han Sung is not afraid of the approaching Lo Po Bia Ren's Shinheuh


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