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This is the first book of the physical release of Tower of God. It covers the first eleven chapters of the webcomic, not including the preview, with the story of the book ending after the end of Lero-Ro's Test.

Official Summary

The boy who went into the tower to chase after the girl, and the tower that test such a boy! 

I wonder what mysteries are waiting inside...

Chapters Covered

Headon's Floor

Evankhell's Hell

Lero-Ro's Test

Yu Han Sung's Examination

Additional Content

There is no afterword written by SIU or additional content, possibly due to it being released the same day as the second book, which does have additional content.

Early purchasers who bought the first prints of both book 1 and 2 also received two limited editions collectible cards, featuring Baam and Khun cover arts. It is no longer available. 


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Notes and Trivia

  • The eleventh chapter is shared between Book 1 and Book 2.


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