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This article contain profile of Blue Thryssa, the Blue Demon inside Baam's body. See also Red Thryssa.

Your power, is the power to devour everything. You absorb power from others to turn it into your own, and you will only get stronger. Even the resentment of those countless people was simply a snack for you. But is that magnanimity which embraces everything? Not at all. The root of your power is nothing but merciless gluttony.

Blue Thryssa to Twenty-Fifth Baam]][1]

The Blue Thryssa (푸른 바리, Buleun Bali) is an unknown organism inside Twenty-Fifth Baam that resembles the power of the Administrator.[2]


The exact origin of the Blue Thryssa is currently still unconfirmed and rather vague, but Author SIU had stated that, this "Fake Being" is some "Mind Being" that mixed into Baam as he climbed the Tower and gained its power just like the Thorn. It was not originally came from inside Baam's body.[3]

However, during its first appearance, it said that it was called as "a demon that FUG has created" by those who studied it.[4]

The Blue Thryssa calls itself "The Power".[4] It proclaims it has the power to rule and conquer all enemies. However, its power was rejected by Baam at the beginning during their encounter inside The Rice Pot on the Hell Express.

During his battle against Data Zahard, Baam accepted the power of Blue Thyrssa and it manifested in the form of a small blue horn on his head.[5]


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hell Train: Revolution Road

Blue Thryssa reveal itself for the first time inside Baam's mind as a red ball

It first revealed itself inside Baam's mind when he was unconscious after overusing the Thorn in a failed attempt to board the Hell Train. It claimed to know that Baam had always wanted to go up the tower, implying that it had been staying with Baam for a while, Baam accepted the offer to absorb its power.[4]

The Hell Train: A Month

Blue Thryssa's true form was first shown when Baam undergo revolution inside the rice pot with the "God" of guardians. Baam recognize its voice as the power that previously appeared in his head, Blue Thryssa confirmed this. The Blue Thryssa was believed to be a "Fake Power" by Baam, so Baam rejected the idea that it is his true power, thinking that it was trying to manipulate him to walk on the wrong path.[6]

The Hell Train: The Floor of Death

When the Red Thryssa tried to inspect and observe the power that came out from inside Baam's body, Red Thryssa was surprised to see the presence of Administrator's power inside of Baam's body.[2] Blue Thryssa would later talk to encouraged and motivated Baam when he hesitated to break Red Thryssa's explosion attack.[7]

The Hell Train: Tomorrow

During his battle with Data Zahard, Baam needs more power as he was being easily pushed back. Baam entered into an unknown place within himself and meets his Sworn Enemy which now resides within Baam and the Blue Thryssa which ask Baam, why does he keep shoving things inside the place like the "Red Guy" and the massive thorn wrapped in bandages. Baam told the Blue Thyrssa that the person he is facing against is extremely powerful and he'll never beat him unless he has the power to rule the world. Baam finally accepted Blue Thryssa and in the same battle, he managed to ignite the Thorn for the first time.[5]

Tower of God: Part 3

VS. Kallavan

During the Battle of The Nest, Baam and Karaka fought the High Ranker and former Army Corp Commander Kallavan. Eventually, Baam was cornered by the overwhelming power of the Shinsu explosions that came from the power of Essence of Bravery and in the very last seconds, Baam's left arm transformed to create a blue shield that was strong enough to block Kallavan's attack. However, after the second attack, the blue shield dissipates as Baam was very tired and runs out of stamina.[8].

Appearance and Personality

The Blue Thryssa has a humanoid shape. It has red eyes and long blue wavy hair which might be made of Shinsu.

Powers and Abilities

When Baam uses the power of the Blue Thryssa, it can easily be identified by looking at the "Blue Horn" that grows on his head along with the "Red Horn" from the power of the Red Thryssa.

Blue Thryssa Transformation

Blue Thryssa Transformation: Hand Shield

After Baam absorbed the Canine Transformation power from Baylord Doom,[9] his mysterious body nullified its side effect and managed to bring out the power of Red Thryssa in the similar form like Canine Transformation without letting Red Thryssa took complete control of his body like Hell Joe. In other word Baam has created his own unique transformation.

During the Battle of The Nest, Baam finally can bring out the physical manifestation power of the Blue Thryssa when he fought the High Ranker and former Army Corp Commander Kallavan. With this new power, Baam can transform his left arm to create a massive and long blue shield which is strong enough to withstand the Shinsu explosions from the power of Essence of Bravery.[8]


  • (To Twenty-Fifth Baam) "That's right. I am the power. Or should I call myself... a demon... that you guys created? Anyway, those who studied me called me that. You'd probably know who I am, since you've always wanted to go up."

Notes and Trivia

  • It did not have an official name up until the Battle of The Nest[10]. Before it was called the Blue Thryssa, worldwide fans and readers referred this power as the Blue Demon.
  • It has been speculated that Blue Thryssa was actually the "red light" that was seen during the reveal of Baam becoming the FUG Slayer Candidate "Jyu Viole Grace". This red light was kept inside the FUG hideout deep underground of the Wine Glass at the 2nd Floor. This power is said to be able to enhance Shinsu Control and shown as red flash when it entered Baam's body.[11]
  • Beta revealed that the "red light" is a Demon that FUG hid inside Baam's body and is actually the one that activated the Thorn's power.[12] Shortly after Baam fainted from overusing the power of Thorn, Blue Thryssa revealed its existence in the form of a red ball to offer Baam its power. It introduced itself as both "power" and demon while also implying that it had been with him for a while.[4] The only demon found inside Baam during the first revolution was Blue Thryssa.
  • Author SIU had stated that this "Fake Being" is some "Mind Being" that mixed into Baam as he climbed the Tower and gained its power just like the Thorn. It was not in Baam originally.[3]
  • FUG had developed the Segregation Drug that can separate Administrator's power such as Red Thryssa from its host.[13]
  • Red Thryssa who spoke using Hell Joe's body, claimed that Blue Thryssa is also the power of an Administrator, similar to itself.[2]

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