Baam meets the Blue Thryssa for the first time

Your power, is the power to devour everything. You absorb power from others to turn it into your own, and you will only get stronger. Even the resentment of those countless people was simply a snack for you. But is that magnanimity which embraces everything? Not at all. The root of your power is nothing but merciless gluttony.

—Blue Thryssa to Baam[1]

The Blue Thryssa (푸른 바리, Buleun Bali) is an unknown organism inside Baam that resembles the power of the Administrator.[2]

The Blue Thryssa calls itself "The Power". It proclaims it has the power to rule and conquer all enemies. However, its power was rejected by Baam at the beginning.

During Baam's battle against Zahard's Data, Baam finally accepts the Blue Thyrssa's powers.[3]


Its exact origin is currently unknown, but it made its first appearance was when Baam undergo revolution inside the rice pot with the "God" of guardians. The Blue Thryssa was believed to be a "Fake Power" by Baam, so the power of the Blue Thryssa was rejected by Baam thinking it was trying to manipulate him to walk on the wrong path.

Blue Thyrssa complaining that Baam is shoving too many things inside

During Baam's battle with Zahard's Data, Baam needs more power as he was being easily pushed back. Baam entered into an unknown place within himself and meets his Sworn Enemy which now resides within Baam and the Blue Thryssa which ask Baam, why does he keep shoving things inside the place like the "Red Guy" and the massive thorn wrapped in bandages. Baam told the Blue Thyrssa that the person he is facing against is extremely powerful and he'll never beat him unless he has the power to rule the world from accepting the Blue Thryssa's powers.

Appearance and Personality

In its first debut, the Blue Thryssa was seen with red eyes. The Blue Thryssa has a humanoid shape. It has a long blue wavy hair which might be made of shinsu.

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Powers and Abilities

With the power of the Blue Thryssa, Baam can utilize its powers by transforming and gaining new defensive capabilities. When Baam uses the power of the Blue Thryssa, a blue horn grows on his head along with a red horn from the power of the Red Thryssa.

Blue Thryssa Transformation: When Baam transforms using the Blue Thryssa, he gained a massive blue shield on his left arm. The shield is strong enough to withstand some attacks from a High Ranker like Kallavan.[4]

Notes and Trivia

  • It did not have an official name up until Season 3 Chapter 60. Before it was called the Blue Thryssa, fans called this the Blue Demon.
  • Stated by SIU that this "Fake Being" is some "Mind Being" that mixed into Baam as he climbed the Tower and gained its power just like the Thorn. It was not in Baam originally.[5]



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