Blue Skin was a D-rank Regular and a so-called "Ticket Hunter" who had two Express Tickets but was killed by Boro after attacking him.

Appearance and Personality

The Regular had blue skin with a series of light, blue lines running across the right side of his face and neck. He had a long blue tail, wore dark pants and a dark hoodie.

He seemed very confident in his own abilities, to the point of arrogance, but was seemingly quite ignorant of the levels of the Hell Express.[1]


He arrived in the same carriage that Boro was in and, after being told by Emile that Boro possessed an Express Ticket, he attacked Boro in an attempt to take his Ticket from him. While doing so he one-shotted Felix but was eventually killed when Boro bisected him at the hips.

Abilities and Powers

He is a exceptionally skilled Regular who managed to steal two Express Tickets, having killed both previous Ticket Holders to attain them.[1] He noted that he had some trouble dealing with the Ticket Holder of the #71 Ticket.[1] He was able to use Shinsoo to enhance the power and range of his strikes.[1]

He wielded a green needle and was skilled in using it as he took out Felix in one shot and briefly fought on par with Boro before being killed.[1]


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