Bloomer[1] (블루머, Beullumeo) was a guardian on the Hell Express that guarded Hoaqin's sealing place.[1] The "guardians" are a kind of system that protects the Hell Express and are like "administrators" who prevent Regulars from doing unexpected actions.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Bloomer guardian size

Bloomer's size in comparison to Rachel's group

Bloomer guardian is a monstrously large entity, easily towering over normal-sized people. The guardian is bald, olive-skinned, has large ears, piercing grey eyes, wears only three-quarter length trousers and has a series of tattoos adorning his shoulders, navel, legs and the sides of its torso.

He was found sleeping when encountered and only uttered a series of agitated growls when he was fighting, indicating a primal level of intelligence.

Powers and Abilities

  • The guardian before awakening
  • Bloomer launching a devastating punch
  • Bloomer guardian's shinsu breath attack

Bloomer guardian is supposedly a formidable opponent, with such immense physical strength that he is apparently able to shatter a person's bones with a single punch.[1] However he was felled and defeated after taking a shinsu blast to the groin area.[1]

Shinsu Breath: The guardian possesses an extremely destructive shinsu breath attack that engulfs a wide area.[1]


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