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Mgf60 Mgf60 19 April

Vol.3 Ch.264 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original Korean: 오랜만에 보는 커피는 맥심 선생님. (어린 ver )

오랜만에 - Been a long time since

"오랜만" means a state in which a long time has passed since something happened, with the position particle at the end.

보는 - see (descriptive)

"보" is the stem of the verb for to see ("보다") with the descriptive modifier at the end, turning into a descriptive verb.

커피는 - coffee (topic)

"커피" is the noun for coffee with the topic particle on the end.

맥심 - Maxim

This is the English word "Maxim" written in Korean, which is among other things an instant coffee brand.

선생님 - teacher/master

"선생님" means a teacher or master.

(어린 ver) - (young ver.)

"어린" means young.

I chose the idiom "Long time no see" as a replacement for "Been a long time since we've seen".

Long time no see Maxim Coffee Te…

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Mgf60 Mgf60 13 April

Vol.1 Ch.16 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original korean: 안녕 초패왕열사권.

안녕 - Hi

초패왕열사권 - Can be split into "초패왕" and "열사권".

초패왕 - First Emperor

열사권. - Certified Martyr

"열사" is martyr with the suffix "권" being a mark of qualifications or rights.

This gives the sentence the meaning of "Hi, First Emperor the certified martyr.".

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Mgf60 Mgf60 31 March

Vol.1 Ch.36 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original korean: 술래가 술래를 잡는 게임입니다. 그래서 술래잡기.

술래가 술래를 잡는 게임입니다.

술래가 - seeker/it/tag (subject)

"술래가" means "seeker/it/tag", with the meaning being determined by the context, which in this case makes it "seeker". It is also the subject of the sentence.

술래를 - seeker/it/tag (object)

"술래가" means "seeker/it/tag", with the meaning being determined by the context, which in this case makes it "tag". It is also the object of the sentence.

잡는 - catch (topic)

"잡" is the stem of the verb "to catch", with the topic particle at the end.

게임입니다 - (it) is a game (formal)

"게임" means "game", with "~입니다" being a formal form of "~이다" meaning "to be", so in relation to another word it means "am/are/is".

그래서 술래잡기.

그래서 - so

"그래서" is the adverb meaning "so/therefore".

술래잡기 - hid…

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Mgf60 Mgf60 31 March

Vol.1 Ch.38 Naver Endnote translation explanation

포지션에 대한 자세한 설명은 블로그에 올라오고 있습니다.

포지션에 - position(s)

"포지션" means "position(s)"

대한 - about

"~에 대한" means "about [...]", so in this case it is "about positions".

자세한 - detailed

"자세한" means "detailed"

설명은 - explanation (topic)

"설명" means "explanation", with the topic particle "은" at the end.

블로그에 - on (the) blog

"블로그" means "blog", with the position particle "에" at the end meaning "on", so it is "on (the) blog".

올라오고 - come up

"올라오" means "come up".

있습니다 - [...]ing

"~고 있습니다" changes the meaning of the attached verb to the form of [...]ing, making it a continous verb. "있습니다" is also the formal version of "있어요", which SIU uses as he is usually quite formal with his readers.

The final translation is:

"A detailed explanation about positions will be coming up on th…

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Mgf60 Mgf60 31 March

Vol.1 Ch.40 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original korean: 인생은 템빨. 다음 화부턴 B 팀입니다.

  • 1 First Sentence
  • 2 Second Sentence
  • 3 Final translation
  • 4 References

인생은 템빨.

인생은 - Life (Subject)

The noun of "Life" with the subject particle added at the end.

템빨 - item slave

A derogatory term for a situation in which a person's abilities are mostly derived from the equipment or items he/she possesses, and cannot do anything without the item.

"템빨" is an abbreviation of "아이템발" meaning "Item foot". The suffix ‘-발’ is misspelled for ‘-빨’.

Due to the very specific meaning of the word and there being no direct translation available, I think "Item slave" would be appropriate.

다음 화부턴 B 팀입니다.

다음 - next

The word means next.

화부턴 - from [...] chapter

"화" is an abbreviation of "삽화" meaning "episode/page/chapter", with the suffix "…

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Mgf60 Mgf60 31 March

Vol.1 Ch.41 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original Korean: 월척이로구나!!

This word can be split into three parts

월척 - The act of catching a big fish (Think around 1.5 meters) or the big fish itself. Can be used as "What a catch".

이 - Subject particle

로구나 - A sentence-final ending used to imply a certain feeling in a newly learned fact. Given that the newly learned fact is that the writer caught a big fish combined with the use of two exclimation marks, the feeling that is intended to be conveyed seem to be excitement.

The whole word is therefore meant to describe excitement at the fact that the writer managed to catch a big fish.

A simple way of translating this would be "What a catch!!".

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Mgf60 Mgf60 31 March

Vol.1 Ch.47 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original korean: 홍천화: 내가 나르마다를 시동을 시킨 건 밤의 헤어밴드를 풀기 위함이었다 !!

홍천화: - Hong Chunwha:

Just his name.

내가 - I

First person pronoun "I"

나르마다를 - Narumada (object)

Narumada with the object particle at the end.

시동을 - ignition (object)

ignition with object particle at the end, which would mean "igniting [object]". In our case it would be "igniting Narumada".

시킨 - put someone/something to work (noun version of 시키다)

This is the verb for "making someone/something do something", but it is with the noun ending, which would make it "put it to work" instead of "making it work". It is a more indirect way of writing, but this is not needed to be included in the english translation, so I chose the translation of "... making it (Narumada) ...".

건 - that/this (short versio…

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Mgf60 Mgf60 29 March

Vol.1 Ch.48 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original korean: 오랫만에 밤느님.

"오랫만에" is the phrase "Long time no see"

Combined this sentence means "Long time no see, the exceptional Baam."

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Mgf60 Mgf60 28 March

Vol.1 Ch.58 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original Korean: 너는 아 7ㅓ다

너는 - you (subject)

아 - oh/ah (surprise)

"7ㅓ다" have no meaning in itself, but the seven is used to replace one of the letters in "거", which turns "7ㅓ다" into "거다".

거다 - will

This turns the sentence into "Oh, you will"

The seven might have been used to symbolize luck, as it is a lucky number in Korea. However, it might also just be a stylistic choice.

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Mgf60 Mgf60 23 March

Vol.1 Ch.62 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original korean: 몸이 '살짝' 안 좋아서 당분간 '좀' 짧게 갑니다.

몸이 - Body/Status (Subject)

'살짝' - Stealthily/easily/slightly

안 - inside/not/item on agenda

좋아서 - okay, so

당분간 - for the time being

'좀' - 'a little'

짧게 - briefly/close/short

갑니다 - 'to go' (declarative present formal high)

The direct translation would be:

Body is 'slightly' not okay, so I'll go 'a little' short for the time being.

We can make some changes in order for the sentence to be more coherent.

I'm 'slightly' unwell, so I'll go 'a little' short for the time being.

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Mgf60 Mgf60 22 March

Vol.1 Ch.64 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original Korean = 올해 추석에 먹은 한과가 살아있다니. 제가 지금 유령이라도 보고 있는 건가요.

올해 = this year

'올해' means 'this year'.

추석에 = on Chuseok

'추석' means 'Chuseok', while '~에' means 'on', so 'on Chuseok'.

먹은 = [Noun] I ate (Topic)

'먹은' is a conjugation of '먹다', meaning 'to eat', where only the stem '먹' remains. The topic particle '은' is added to the stem of 'to eat', which means that the topic of the sentence is that something is eaten. Given the second sentence is written in first person, it can be assumed the first is also meant to be in first person, so '[Noun] I ate' is the topic of the sentence.

한과가 = hangwa (Subject)

'한과' is a general term for traditional Korean sweets, while '가' indicates it is the subject of the sentence.

살아있다니 = am I living?

'살아' is a present conju…

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Mgf60 Mgf60 20 March

Vol.1 Ch.71 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original korean: 16년간 뒤통수만 연구해오신 잠어 유한성 선생님께서..

16년간 = 16 years

뒤통수만 = The back of the head

연구해오신 = Have been researching (with two deferential suffixes attached)

잠어 = Sleep (Subject)

유한성 = Yu Han Sung

선생님께서 = [...] given to |the teacher/teacher [...]|, because... (Formal language is used)

With the most literal translation it would be "Sleep is given to teacher Yu Han Sung, because he has been researching the back of the head for 16 years.

SIU is referencing a common korean idiom here, which is "뒤통수치다" meaning "To strike the back of someone's head". This idiom is equivalent to "stabbing someone in the back", so to betray them. This means that when Yu Han Sung is "researching the back of the head" he is planning to betray someone ("Scheming").


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Mgf60 Mgf60 20 March

Vol.2 Ch.19 Naver Endnote translation explanation

Original Korean: 왕난이 베슬 가나요.

The '왕난이' is just Wangnan with a particle denoting that he is the subject of this sentence.

The '가나요' means 'is/are [Subject] going?'.

The '베슬' is the tricky one, as it is not a korean word in itself, but an English word written in hangul. The words it can be is Vessel or Vassal. Given the context of the chapter it is most likely vassal, as Wangnan is trying to get Viole to do his bidding.

The meaning of the sentence is more easily seen when the '베슬' (Vassal) is replaced with the korean word '가신' and its appropriate particle.

This all leads to the meaning of the sentence being 'Is Wangnan's vassal going?'.

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Mgf60 Mgf60 11 March

Update of older translation by Bunnyasbanana

Updating the language and grammar of the 'Q&A in 2010' translations by BunnyAsBanana for convenience.



Q: Is it true that Yuri is 180cm tall? (06/20/2010)

  • A: It’s the actual truth. The people of the tower are tall in general (because of Shinsu).
  • There is also a few cm difference in Baam’s height between the time when he was inside of the cave and now when he is outside of the cave.
  • In the tower, Yuri is on the smaller side.

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Mgf60 Mgf60 9 March

Vol.2 Ch.156 Naver Endnote translation explanation

The original korean for this naver endnote is '저래봬도 짱짱맨..'.

'짱짱맨' is used to describe someone who is 'The best of the best'., which means 'Even if you look at me like that,'.

When combined '저러하여 뵈어도 짱짱맨' translates into "Even if you see me like that, you're the greatest".

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Mgf60 Mgf60 5 March

Update of older translation by GoDai

I did not want to edit GoDai's blogposts to update their vocabulary, so I decided to compile translations by GoDai here with updated language.

  • 1 Regulars, Irregulars, Rankers, and High Rankers
    • 1.1 Regulars
    • 1.2 Irregulars
    • 1.3 Rankers
    • 1.4 Advanced Rankers
    • 1.5 High Rankers
  • 2 Wolhaiksong
    • 2.1 Baek Ryun
    • 2.2 Urek Mazino
    • 2.3 "Ice Strawberry" (얼음딸기, Eoleumddahlgi)
    • 2.4 Hachling (하츨링, Hahcheulling)
    • 2.5 Ha Yuri Jahad
    • 2.6 Kurdan (쿠르단, Kooreudahn)
    • 2.7 History and Background
  • 3 FUG
    • 3.1 Grace Mirchea Luslec (그레이스 미르치아 루슬렉, Geuraeiseu Mireuchia Luseulaek)
    • 3.2 Jyu Viole Grace (쥬 비올레 그레이스, Jyoo Biohlae Geuraeiseu)
    • 3.3 Karaka (카라카, Kahrahka)
  • 4 The Workshop and Items
    • 4.1 The Workshop of the Tower
      • 4.1.1 Macseth
      • 4.1.2 Ashul Edwaru
    • 4.2 Items of the Tower
      • 4.2.1 Needle
      • 4.2.2 Hook
      • 4.2.3 Sword
      • 4.2.4 Spear
      • 4.2.5 Lighthouse
      • 4…

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Mgf60 Mgf60 2 March

1-15 Character sheets

Votato has become increasingly difficult to utilize so I decided it was time to import the information to the wiki. This is also done incase Votato stops working.

  • 1 Phantaminum
  • 2 Enryu
  • 3 Zahard
  • 4 Urek Mazino
  • 5 Arie Hon
  • 6 Khun Eduan
  • 7 Eurasia Enne Zahard
  • 8 Adori (Adoru) Jahad
  • 9 Baek Ryun
  • 10 References

Rank: 1

Sobriquet: Riddle
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Position: Unknown

Currently in the 1st rank of the Tower.

Phantaminum appeared suddenly in the Tower and broke into the Zahard's inner palace, killing a lot of royals and courtiers. He succeeded in breaking all of the lines of defense and facing Zahard but disappeared without a fight.

That's how he got his sobriquet. There's another reason for this sobriquet, and this is because of his style of comb…

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Dhvo Dhvo 12 November 2020

Animated Webtoon

[1] Follow this link to view episode 1

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Asinar57 Asinar57 29 April 2020

God, it's weird that this is big now

I just want to talk about how weird it is that this weird little magna/whatever I found a few years ago has a kinda huge base now. It's a bit surreal, it's even got it's own mediocre anime adaptation. 

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Mgf60 Mgf60 21 April 2020

Anime Key Words Explained (Official)

  • 1 What is the Tower
    • 1.1 Outer Tower
    • 1.2 Inner Tower
    • 1.3 Middle Area
  • 2 Keywords
    • 2.1 Regular
    • 2.2 Irregular
    • 2.3 Test
    • 2.4 Shinsu (Divine Water)
    • 2.5 King Jahad
    • 2.6 Jahad's Princesses
    • 2.7 Navigators/Guides
    • 2.8 Ranker
    • 2.9 Guardians/Administrators
  • 3 Positions
    • 3.1 Fisherman
    • 3.2 Spear bearer
    • 3.3 Light bearer
    • 3.4 Scout
    • 3.5 Wave Controller
  • 4 References

It is called a "Tower", but it is actually a vast independent world. Unlike the shape of a traditional tower, the "Tower of God" is more like its own pocket dimension.

The structure of the tower is divided into an outer tower, an inner tower, and the middle area connecting the two sections (between the inner and outer tower). Furthermore, there exists a world outside the the tower.

The people selected by Headon, who is the Guardian of the first f…

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Mgf60 Mgf60 9 March 2020

Missing Content

I for awhile ago bought the two books, but I did not receive the plastic cards that I have seen others getting, feels bad...

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Mgf60 Mgf60 6 March 2020

Chapter Page Template

This is an explanation for new editors for how the Chapter Page should be structured.

"Name=": This is just the name of the chapter in this form: [Name] [(number)].
"image=": This image is currently created by User:Kitsunemm, so do not worry about it.
"Season=": Add the number of the Volume.
"Chapter=": Add the number of the Chapter.
"Korean Title=": This is found on the Naver Webtoon site. Use the exact same format as found there.
"Release Date=": This is the release date of the chapter in Korean, which usually is the Sunday one week prior to the English release.
"previous=": Add a link to the last chapter.
"next=": Add a link to the next chapter (Not currently made), add the actual name found in Fast Pass chapter for convenience.

After the Chapte…

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Mgf60 Mgf60 4 February 2020

Army Ranks in Tower of God.

I have compiled a list of terms used by SIU when talking about Zahard's Army. I will update this list if he expands upon it.

군단 (Gudan) - Corp
사단 (Sadan) - Division
연대 (Yeondea) - Regiment
대대 (Deadea) - Battalion
중대 (Jungdea) - Company

별동대 (Byeoldong-dae) - Detached Unit

부 (Bu) - Vice
장 (Jang) - General/Commander
단장 (Danjang) - Leader/Commandant
함장 (Hamjang) - Captain (general term)

장 (Jang) is combined with a unit size for the leader's rank, ex;
중대 (Company) + 장 (Commander) = 중대장 (Company Commander).

단장 (Danjang) has only been used for the leader of the Detached Unit so far.

Adori Zahard, the head of the Army, is given the rank of Commander-in-Chief (총사령관), usually reserved for the president/leader of a country.

The reason SIU chooses to not use the off…

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Rice vinegar Rice vinegar 8 October 2019


Well hello there ^^ 

My name is rice vinegar; I'm the usual cooking supply that enjoys reading Tower of God. I like drawing fanart and commisions, so feel free to reach out to me on IG and my email. See you in the Fandom :)

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Repelista133128 Repelista133128 16 August 2019

Looking fir something

I reread tower of god. But some part is missing. There used to be character profiles and tower info at the end of some chapters. Is it gone? What chapters contain these?

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Arkimonde Arkimonde 31 March 2019

Petition Tower of God

On someone start a petition to produce a Netflix animation. We are actually 6000 signatory.

Hello, friends. First, let me thank you for taking the time to read this humble prayer. We are here to implore you to be a part of this dream of ours. For the first Korean manhwa/webtoon to become a serialized international anime. For us to see and be a part of Tower of God getting the anime it so rightfully deserves. In the interest of brevity and directness I'm going to be addressing each necessary actor in part. Starting with you the people, Netlix, Naver/Webtoons, and SIU himself, I'm going to present the case for why you should be a part of this move…

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TIR322 TIR322 3 January 2019

What could happen at the end of TOG season 2?

In the first season of Tower Of God we were provided with a very sketchy ending when it came for the main protagonist's situation. The protagonist was supposed to be dead due to the greed of an certain freckled yellow 🐢.

                     But even then at the start of season 2 we were shown that the mc or baam was well alive although living by an alias.

We are now coming very close to the end of season 2 and a battle is going on at the last station of the hell train involving surprisingly many rankers and high rankers even. With a whole squadron of Zahards of army after baam it is unlikely that he will be able walk around the place without caching attention. So, the question is this if the situation arises will bam go into hiding again an…

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Mukiiitee Mukiiitee 13 November 2018

Irregular (s) Theories

Irregulars don't just always OPEN the door. By opeing the door, it grants them special power. Perhaps in the real world, they are just normal people but because of determination or any other powerful feeling, they manage to open the door.

Those that are chosen for the tower are the exact same thing as irregulars, except their learning capablities are bigger. To qualify as an irregular, your life must have to be shattered by something that urges you to move on. I'd say that once you become a chosen one, your thought is just focused n winning, but those "not chosen" have a better urge.

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Sixelfor Sixelfor 26 February 2018

Special note about the story at the end of some chapters

Hello everyone ! First thing first sorry if my english is bad xD. Well, my question is simple when i first read ToG there were little stories about the manhwa at the end of some chapters ( the only exemple i remember is the top 10 ranking of the tower ) written in white on a black background. Im not talking about SIU personnal life but things really affiliate to the storie ( or universe, like phantaminum beeing an axis and explanation of what it means). But now there are no more of those on the recent chapters and i cant find them anymore even for the oldest. Can someone tell me where i can read the chapter with those note pls ? Thanks for reading and my appologies for your eyes

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HootyHollyStrawberry HootyHollyStrawberry 5 October 2017


Hi, I'm HootyHollyStrawberry! This is my OC, Luo Min!

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HermesED HermesED 29 October 2016

How To Download TOG Game

  • 1 How To Download Tower of God Game (Only by Phones)
    • 1.1 Hello There Guys!
  • 2 Login Problem
  • 3 How To Make Account on Naver
  • 4 Enjoy Your Game
    • 4.1 HAVE FUN!!

On This Page I'd like to share how to download Tower of God Game via Phone


OK! Let's Get Started!

  1. Because TOG is not available on playstore, there's no way to download it from there.
  2. Start with your mobile-browser, head for google. Then type "Tower of God Game"

If you're currently reading this page on PC right now, then you can check it on the link here

  1. Head for that link on your mobile.
  2. If I remembered it correctly, once you get in, it will download QOOAPP apk, automatically.
  3. In case nothing happened, try to click install TOG game.
  4. Once you downloaded QOOAPP apk, it will direct you straight to the link whe…

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Adat Adat 27 October 2016

Private setting posts

  • 1 Disclaimer
    • 1.1 Synopsis
    • 1.2 How to access
    • 1.3 Public / Private / Neighbours
      • 1.3.1 Past issues
    • 1.4 References

This is not the policy of this wikia; just a personal reminder so that references are easily available if needed. This is obviously not official and prone to mistakes and errors.

SIU periodically writes posts on his personal blog.

As explained in the blog post of Vol.2 Chapter 217, SIU made most of the setting posts private because he has made changed with the "lore". He means to open them again after updating them. The relevant pages of this wikia should then be updated (or anytime the webtoon contradicts the former setting posts).

  • Some of the content (including posts that have never been made public) has been preserved by GoDai on his blog.
  • Som…

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박재영 박재영 18 January 2016

SIU's blog's post 1. Phantaminum

Tower of God Character 1 - Phantaminum

HIGHRANKER has 'Sobriquet'

(Way to choose Sobriquet is free, but Most of HIGHRANKER choose Sobriquet based on Position) Most fishermen choose Sobriquet from Shinheuh, Guide choose from Ships' name, and Wave Controller choose from Wind and Wave's name


Sobriquet : The Riddle Age : ??? Height : ??? Birthplace : ??? Position : ??? Ranking : 1

Now, His Ranking is 1. One day He is murderer who suddenly appear to Tower, break into Zahard's Inner-Palace, and kill many royals and vassals. He

Coming soon.

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Rachellover69 Rachellover69 3 December 2015

Rachel throughout the story

So this is going to be quite an extensive post when it's finished and I'm not going to do it all at once and I'm also not doing the formatting right here and now and I'm gonna focus on the content for now.

What I will do is go through all or most of the events that involve Rachel and analyse her actions and there will be a lot of interpretations and assumptions, since there really isn't much confirmed about her at all, but I will try to not do it one sided. This is not to make people stop hating on her, this is just my rambling and making a theory before anything is revealed so I can claim to have been right all along :).

One of the most essential things here is that you have to be aware that characters can lie and that it's always important…

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Reistenger Reistenger 1 June 2015

Short TDD Comic and Autor Blog

The Short Story about TOG..thanks to the translator...

Comic here:

Blog Post.

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FingerZofGod FingerZofGod 26 May 2015

Lies throughout Tower of God (Season 1)

Author is a Genius.

But maybe he's a genius because his character lie from time to time. The way his lies contribute, give us the feeling that we are a major character of this story.

As a professional liar, author uses different categories of lies.

The first one is the "Absolute and direct lie" (A). For example: Koon has brown eyes.

The second is "unkept promise" (B). For example: I will return your money back (but never doing so).

The third is a subtle group (C). It's gathering "false sentences when the characters who say it, truly believe what they're is saying" (for example: Baam is dead at the end of Part 1, when he is not) and "commonly accepted knowledge" (for example: when you are in love you are happy... which is often true but sometimes …

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J.J. Chambers J.J. Chambers 25 May 2015



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Khunagueroagnes Khunagueroagnes 17 April 2015

baam is the prince of jahad (theory)

Is there a possibility that Baam is the prince of the zahards?

There is a theory that baam is the son of Euresia Enne Zahard which makes him a prince because she is a princess .

Spoiler below ****

" If you read the descriptions for the Eurasia and the bidau family he is a perfect mixture of them both and has similar features to gustang who also happened to be the one who stopped FUG from going any further in the tournament allowing Baam to maintain possession of the thorn. Furthermore madoraco insinuated that gustang was the one who arranged for FUG to gain the thorn and for events to turn out like they did. Lastly Enne zahard went crazy and killed a bunch of people and got locked away for it well IDK what would be more inspiring to go crazy …

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Demotivator Demotivator 29 March 2015

ToG Wiki Test: Signature Test

Hello there Regulars !
This marks the first ever Tower of God Wiki Test !

Luckily it's a relatively simple test. All you need to participate is a wiki account and a basic level of HTML coding skills.

To successfully pass the test all you need to do is create your own personalised signature and then post it as a comment on the blog by signing with four tildes: " 04:35, March 29, 2015 (UTC)

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Demotivator Demotivator 4 March 2015

ToG Wiki Tests !!

Hello there Regulars of the Tower of God Wiki !

I'm just checking in because I wanted you all's opinion on something. I know there are a lot of you users lurking around out there (most of you are anonymous) and I wanted to get you all more active and confident in making edits.

So my idea was: since this is a wiki for the Tower of God series, why don't we have "Tests" just like in the series ?]]|Click here if you can't remember what Tests are !}} These "Tests" would be posted on blogs and users (or should I say, Regulars) who want to participate would comment to say they'd like to take part. Then, users who successfully pass the Tests that are set, would earn certain achievements.

It's just a little idea for a bit of fun on the wiki that could …

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MaverickCali MaverickCali 20 February 2014

Hey fellow TOG fans

My name is James and I'll be working to benefit the TOG community through this wiki any way I can.  Feel free to leave any suggestions/requests, and I hope this post finds you all well!

I've read through and analyzed Tower of God- my favorite manwha/manga five times, going on six.  Other mangas I enjoy include would be Psyren and History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi.

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Antimatter23 Antimatter23 21 December 2013


  • ====A rank of a ranker doesnt indicates how strong one is. One's rank is affected by their known fights, achievements, years taken to become rankers, etc. eg: eurasia enne zahard climbed 1000 places in rank because her incidence, yu han sung never tried to climb up ranks but he wanted his rank could be like ha yuri zahard. Even guides have high rank(are high ranker) if they are good enough even without fighting ability.====
  • ====Don't compare a regular to rankers. Rankers are strong even those who are without any bloodline, they have better weapons, arms and armour inventory, skills and power for those skills, high shinsoo resistance and shinsoo control. ====
  • ====If urek wanted he could have killed every regular in viole's team inside zygaena…
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Urek Mazino Urek Mazino 27 November 2013

Apologies for the unannounced hiatus

Just a quick note while I have internet access, my apologies to the editors and admins of this wiki for not announcing my hiatus, as without going into detail I went homeless rather unexpectedly and I still don't have internet where I'm currently living, but once I've got internet I'll be editing again :) I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who has put work into this wiki during my absence. Based on what I've looked at the wiki looks spectacular, good job everyone :D

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Reistenger Reistenger 13 August 2013


Well Trying to edit all chapters, at the new chapter infobox..

was very hard do that infobox, I take the codes and I modifying so many thing , hahha like color original was blue and I change the color at  red ( the color base of this site)

I do change too in character infobox, i modify this template too, XD 

Thanks at WellWhatever13 for his support, and to Baam25th for his recent help :)

Maybe everyone be see that I help here and tower of god spanish wiki hehehe, I ask so much at the  Administrator of spanish for support in codes .

Well Baam25th ,  I need u active Switch Template pls XD

I trying do more better this wikia XD


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GoDai GoDai 24 June 2013

GoDai's Corner: Tower of God Chapter Notes

  • 1 About This Page
  • 2 Format
  • 3 Introduction
  • 4 Preview (예고편) 
    • 4.1 Short Summary
    • 4.2 Characters
    • 4.3 Items
    • 4.5 Notes
  • 5 1화 - 1F-HEADON's Floor 01
    • 5.1 Short Summary
    • 5.2 Long Summary
    • 5.3 Characters
    • 5.4 Items
    • 5.6 Notes
  • 6 2화 - 1F-HEADON's Floor 02
    • 6.1 Short Summary
    • 6.2 Long Summary
    • 6.3 Characters
    • 6.4 Items
    • 6.6 Notes
  • 7 3화
  • 8 4화
  • 9 5화
  • 10 6화 - 2F-Evankhell's hell 에반켈의 지옥 02
    • 10.1 Short Summary
    • 10.2 Long Summary
    • 10.3 Characters
    • 10.4 Techniques
    • 10.5 Items
    • 10.6 Notes
  • 11 (Chapter, Arc, Title, etc.)
    • 11.1 Short Summary
    • 11.2 Long Summary
    • 11.3 Characters
    • 11.4 Techniques
    • 11.5 Items
    • 11.7 Notes

Hmm... What can I say about this... Well, I'm aware that most of this will be obvious and available anywhere else, including on the wikia itself.

This is more... for myself. I'm putting them here because I would …

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FingerZofGod FingerZofGod 21 June 2013

Battle Strategy

This article is meant to highlight the role of each Position in a battle.

No-one (unless they are an Irregular like Red Tower Enryu) can fight alone in the Tower, where dangers are often deadly and are not meant to be taken on alone.

Each position needs to co-operate with the others. The first team to enter the Tower with an organized army was Zahard and the 10 Great Family heads, so we will use this team as an example to show what kind of battle strategy is used and how they cooperate. Keep in mind that nowadays in the Tower, teams have fewer people with 8 members being the average even though there is no hard limit.

  • 1 King's Zahard Team
  • 2 Role and Co-operation
  • 3 Combinations
  • 4 References

Of course, all these High Rankers can perform all positions m…

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GoDai GoDai 18 June 2013

GoDai: FUG Slayers - Translations of SIU's Info on the Official Fan Cafe

  • 1 Sup
  • 2 FUG Slayer – 7. Baylord Yama
    • 2.1 GoDai's comments
    • 2.2 Source
  • 3 FUG Slayer – 10. White
    • 3.1 Source

I became a Regular-rank member on the Fan Cafe! (Not much of an achievement, since it only requires 3 comments.) Now I can see these damn things, since SIU has decided to post them there rather than his own secret blog due to his predicament involving reaching maximum number of neighbours but at the same time not wanting to spoil it for everyone.

As SIU uploads info on his Slayers on the Official Fan Cafe, I'll be translating them here.

It's about time I did things first here, right?

Sitting on the Seventh Seat of Power is Baylord Yama (베이로드 야마, Bae’ee’rohdeu Yahmah), also known as the King of Bayroad.

(GoDai: SIU seems to be utilizing the fact that “lord” …

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Zahard Zahard 30 May 2013

Return to Work

Recently, I went on hiatus.

A very long hiatus.

I am back now, and ready to w o r k.

Expect to see me around.



High Ranker Number Three - Zahard 08:35, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

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Lucenthia Lucenthia 15 March 2013

time elapsed since first edit

I was just checking the stats, and coincidentally found that it's been 100 days since I started editting. Wohoo. Remember how I felt so proud making my first chapter summary. Very satisfying.

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Lucenthia Lucenthia 26 January 2013

Picture commemorations

As the name suggests, I just felt like commemorating this wonderful momment. Also would have commemorated 444 pages- well, not really commemorated but you know what I mean.

Second commemoration: 1111 pictures! 31 in binary. On the new year of the snake as well. What awesome timing. I've been thinking what number causes a commemoration, and I don't really know. Probably when I feel like it I guess. 

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