Bet (내기) is the fourth arc of the second story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

As the stone golem flew away with Viole, Ran, Novick, Horyang, Cassano, and Xia Xia, Viole collapsed onto the ground crying. Novick asked about Xia Xia’s motives and Xia Xia responded that everything they were doing was to raise Viole’s reputation. She then went on to tell them of her plans to enter the Workshop Battle and defeat all the E-rank Regulars. Incensed, Ran and Novick started to attack Cassano and Xia Xia, but Viole used Novick’s Red Prison technique to forcibly separate them. Using Xia Xia’s Lighthouse, he convinced Xia Xia to take Novick and Ran into their team. Ran objected, but Viole sent a private message to his Pocket telling him Khun was alive. Ran hesitantly agreed.

Arlen dead

The Ruins of Arlen

Back at The Hand of Arlen, Wangnan, Akraptor, Yihwa and Prince arrived only to find it reduced to rubble. They searched for Viole using their Pockets and found the signal transmitting from Viole’s Pocket. Wangnan used his Shinsu Bomb to blow up the rubble, where they find Khun unconscious underneath. They brought him back to their house, and were treating him when Khun woke up. He was in a daze and reliving the last moments at the Hand and was wondering if the Slayer candidate really was Baam. He woke up to the acupuncture needle in him burning and Yihwa was insisting that no ordinary water could put it out.
FUG blood

FUG's warning

Grabbing hold of it (and dousing the flame in the process) he attacked Wangnan and demanded information about his whereabouts. After learning about the recent events, he took Viole’s pocket and saw it was an A-grade. He and Team Tangsooyook went to his private bunker on the 29th Floor. As they went in, they saw Dan crippled and the words “FUG” scrawled on the wall with his blood. Khun went up to think and was hesitantly approaching the idea that Baam was Jyu Viole Grace when Hwa Ryun came and confirmed it.
S2ship's team

Ship's team on the warpath

At first he was astonished to see her, then furious when she revealed that she had orchestrated the events leading to Baam’s fake death. She tells him to enter the Workshop Battle and become Viole’s teammates. The elders had reached a compromise with Jinsung: to give Viole the team that won the Workshop Battle. Having no choice, Khun complied. He went down to Wangnan and the rest and declared that they would win the Workshop Battle. Wangnan agrees and they shook hands.

On the 30th Floor, news of the Hand of Arlen’s destruction and Khun's "death" reached Ship’s team, and they watched the news grimly. Elsewhere, Parakewl had caught up with Rak and told him that Khun had died. Rak refused to believe it and went to look for him. A month later, Khun had finished training Tangsooyook for the 29th Floor test. Though he put on a pleasant façade, inside he was exasperated and worried about the team’s abilities. The rest of the team felt this way and their morale was low. Dan had somewhat recovered and could walk around. Tangsooyook was supposed to get rest before the test, but due to Yihwa’s explosions and Miseng and Prince’s “training”, the whole team was worn out before the test took place. Furious, Khun sent them out the door to the test.

In the workshop, the preparations for the Workshop Battle were complete and notifications went out. As Viole’s new team completed the test with flying colours, Xia Xia received the message via her lighthouse. When Leesoo received the message he led his team out the door to crush Jyu Viole Grace. Khun received the message that he, along with the rest of Team Tangsooyook would be participating as well.

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  • A Wager (LINE Webtoon US)


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