"!!... You Little!"
-Said to Androssi Zahard before she casually kicked him of the pillar.

Bek Philip Poker (백 플립 포커) was a Regular assigned to the Fisherman Position. He was eventually eliminated from testing.

Appearance and Personality

He is humanoid with a bird like head. His whole body is covered in brown feathers. He wears a blue T-shirt and black shorts.

Tower of God: Part 1

Zahard's Princess

In the Position Test, he participated in a subtest only taken by Fisherman. During the test, as Anak and Androssi were fighting, Androssi landed on Bek Philip Poker's pillar and casually kicked him off and stole his needle, which consequently resulted in his disqualification.

Powers and Abilities

He did not demonstrate any special powers or abilities.

Alternate Translations

  • (Korean pronunciation) Baek Peul-lip Po-keo
  • Back Flip Poker


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