Bayroad (베이로드, Bae’ee’rohdeu) is the name of a secretive pit said to be hidden somewhere in the Tower. In this pit special fighters, collectively referred to as "Mad Dogs", are pitted against each other in brutal deathmatches.

A characteristic of Bayroad is the long and straight appearance of its arena. Mad Dogs run out onto the arena from both sides and fight until one drops dead. It is said that even if one tries to escape, a terrible bed of blades waits at the end. Because the shape of this arena resembles a road, it was named Bayroad, "the road where Mad Dogs bark".

The process through which these Mad Dogs are 'created' is very interesting. They are born through "Blood Fusion" which is forbidden in the Tower. Blood Fusion is the process in which a specific 'something' from a Family possessing great power is mixed into a baby in its embryonic or foetal stages to grant it said power.[1]
There are not many who know how to carry out Blood Fusion and, because its practice is absolutely forbidden in the Tower, even those who do know it have mostly been murdered or have gone missing. Children who manage the very small probability of surviving Blood Fusion (most embryos and foetuses cannot endure the side effects and die) are raised to become tools of entertainment to entertain those who come to the pit, and so these children grow to fight as Mad Dogs. Mad Dogs who are born through this blood fusion, gain unique and strong powers, that are unmatched by ordinary Regulars.

Baylord Yama was one of the Mad Dogs that battled in Bayroad and it is said that he was the strongest Mad Dog of all time. Later, he killed his own keeper and successfully became the only Mad dog to ever escape from Bayroad and climb the Tower. After becoming a Ranker and a FUG Slayer, he returned to Bayroad and became the new master. Varagarv and Buelsar Elliot are two of Yama's three pitbulls that were sent to climb the Tower.


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