Baylord Yama (베이로드 야마, Bae’ee’rohdeu Yahmah) is the seventh Slayer of FUG and is widely known as the King of Bayroad.[2]

Madoraco said he is one of the richest FUG Slayer by making money with sports entertainment and secret gambling on the side.[3]

Baylord Yama has two brothers, an older brother who is sleeping under the fang and a younger one.


Baylord Yama was one of the Pitbulls that battled in Bayroad and it is said that he was the strongest Mad Dog of all time.

In the pit, he was a God of Death (사신, 死神, sahshin) who drove opponents to their doom and people came to call him "Yama, the Lord of the Dead" (야마, 죽은자들의 왕, Yahmah, Joog’eunjahdeul’eui Wahng, or “King of the Dead”) out of respect for him. Later, he killed his own keeper and successfully became the only Mad Dog to ever escape from Bayroad and climb the Tower. Although no exact details are known regarding this procedure, it is rumoured that Imort (이모르트, Ee'mohreuteu, or “Immorte” etc.), another Slayer of FUG, was involved. [2]

After becoming a Ranker, Yama returned to Bayroad with FUG’s power at his back and killed the previous owner of the pit. Hence, he simultaneously became the King of the Mad Dogs and a Slayer of FUG. Because of this, it has been frequently hypothesised that the domination of Bayroad was the final condition he had to fulfil to become a Slayer. [2]

It is rumoured that he is currently using the enormous revenue made in Bayroad as a weapon to build mysterious pleasure and entertainment facilities (adult entertainment involving alcohol, drugs, and sex) everywhere throughout the Tower and therefore expanding his influence and power. However, he has never shown his face since becoming a Slayer.[2]

At some point, he sent his Three Mad Dogs to climb the Tower.

Appearance and Personality

Baylord Yama has fair coloured skin, long red hair, and dog-like ears. His teeth are jagged and his yellow eyes have black marks around them. His height is over 2 meter 70 centimetre, taller than even Zahard.

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Tower of God: Part 3 - Deng Deng

Baylord Yama and his fighting dogs are seen sitting in a hot tub. Yama called the intruders arrogant for coming into his territory and says Karaka is out of his mind.[4]

Alternative translation

  • Bayroad Yamah (LINE)


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