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Tell Karaka!! I'll never let him enter my ship unless he brings Deng Deng to me!! If he wants to get in anyway, he'll have to follow the laws around here and beat me in a fight first! I DARE YOU, KARAKA!! I DARE YOU!!

—Baylord Yama to his Gang[3]

Baylord Yama (베이로드 야마, Bae’ee’rohdeu Yahmah) is a High Ranker and the seventh Slayer of FUG and is widely known as the King of Bayroad.[4]

Madoraco said he is one of the richest FUG Slayer by making money with sports entertainment and secret gambling on the side.[5]

Baylord Yama has two brothers, an older brother and a younger one who serve as his second and third in command


Yama was born as the second oldest of the Baylord siblings, younger than Doom but older than Paul. Without a parent, Yama and Paul used to follow Doom's leadership, due to his natural talent for leading a pack, and Doom eventually used his power to create more of the Canine People apart from them. However, Yama disliked Doom's inability to care for the Canines he created and while Doom slacked off his training, becoming obsessed with increasing his influence, Yama continued to improve his strength by training, seeking to become stronger and protect the Canine People.

Tensions eventually grew between him and Doom as Doom killed his servants when they showed rebellious traits and while Yama at first tried to tolerate it, he lost all tolerance when Doom callously forced Katu to kill himself and even willingly sided with FUG and provided them freely the support of the Canine People with the intent to use them as disposable but numerous armies. With his decision to become the new leader of the Canine People made up, Yama initiated the 1st Canine Civil War and challenged Doom and Paul for leadership over the clan. Easily defeating Paul, Yama proceeded to confront Doom and after fighting him to a stalemate for a long period of time, revealed his Complete Transformation to turn the tides and decisively won the war, ripping out Doom's heart to keep him in slumber and exiling the terrified Paul at the condition he never return to the Cage.

However, even with Doom defeated and his tyranny put to an end, Yama was still left with a problem: He did not have the ability to transform others into Canine People by giving them the power of transformation like Doom could. His war with Doom and Paul had also killed most of the first generation of the Canine People, leaving the danger of the extinction of his people without Doom to share his power. Left with no other choice, Yama decided to ask for the help of FUG and Workshop: In exchange for lending them his power as the Slayer that they intended to make Doom into and the allegiance of the Canine People, they would help him harness Doom's power and share it to regenerate the next generations of the Canine People and they agreed. With the device created, Yama used it to share Doom's power with his subjects and create soulless Combat Dogs to serve as soldiers of FUG. He also came up with the lie that it was he who was the source of the power and not Doom to maintain peace.

At some point, he sent his Three Mad Dogs to climb the Tower.

Appearance and Personality

Baylord Yama has fair coloured skin, long red hair, and dog-like ears. His teeth are jagged and his yellow eyes have black marks around them. His height is over 2 meter 70 centimetre, taller than even Zahard, with well-build and muscular body.

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Tower of God: Part 3

Deng Deng

Baylord Yama and his fighting dogs are seen sitting in a hot tub. Yama called the intruders arrogant for coming into his territory and says Karaka is out of his mind.[3]

Yama waiting for news of Deng Deng

Yama who is angry dared Karaka to start a fight with him. After a while, Yama is growing tired of waiting for Deng Deng to arrive. He later received news that the Slayer Candidate arrived on Madoraco's ship with Deng Deng. Yama who's delighted told his men to bring Deng Deng over.

Baylord Yama

Yama who is in a good mood is talking with Gado who is Second-in-Command of the gang. Yama tells Gado to greet the guest and later they all gathered at Yama's throne.

Yama comes down furious with what Baam said.

Yama later asked where Deng Deng was and Karaka told Yama that they aren't sure if he'll help them, so Karaka is keeping Deng Deng in the ship for the time being. Yama then asks what they want and before Karaka can speak up, Baam demands Yama to promise that he will free Deng Deng. After hearing what Baam said, Yama who is irritated asked if Baam came here to die.

Yama, amused at Baam, asks if all irregulars is a loose cannon like him. Yama then asks what Baam's plan is. After hearing that Baam wants to participate in the Canine Tooth Festival and win against him, Yama and his gang laughed at his challenge. Yama then agrees to the challenge and accepts Baam's conditions, but if Yama wins, he'll take Deng Deng, not help Baam with saving Ha Jinsung and then claims he'll take the thorn and kill Baam.

Later, the Elder's Envoy greets with Yama and start a conversation with him. The Envoy then asks if their members can participate in the Festival also and if they win the bet, Yama would give what they want.


Half asleep Yama.

Yama who was sleeping is being awakened by Baam. Yama wakes up only halfway since he is a very deep sleeper. He then attacks Baam but Karaka intervenes to save Baam. After when Baam and Karaka attacked together on Yama, he wakes up completely and is confused with what's happening.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Baylord Doom

Yama is then told by Baam and Karaka that Gado had betrayed him and Doom had awakened from his slumber and when Baam asked Yama to come out and battle Doom, Yama told them it was not that simple and reveals to Baam and Karaka the truth of his war with Doom and that Doom was the real source of the canine people's power. No longer able to spare Doom and determined to ensure his older brother does not wreak havoc using the entire canine people, Yama resolved to kill Doom this time even though it will leave the canine people extinct but agreed to give Karaka and Baam a chance to challenge Doom, although he grimly warned them that if Doom regains the fang, he will kill him. When confronted by Jordan, Yama proceeded to task him with having Baam and Karaka monitored.

Confronting the Elders Envoy, Yama easily destroyed the box given by the Elders and proceeded to effortlessly shrug off a powerful attack from the Envoy and stopped his attempts to flee with the power of his Partial Transformation Level One before threatening he will send him to hell.

Tower of God: Part 3 - King of the Dogs

Although briefly stopped when the Elders Envoy threatens to destroy the Cage, Jordan destroys the bomb and Yama soon kills the elder envoy and proceeds to confront both his brothers and the Elder that entered the Cage, proclaiming that anyone who wants to take anything from him will have to fight him for it.

Stating that he will finally kill both his brothers and asked the Elder to not interfere until then, he easily overpowers Paul and Doom, as they are both afraid of Yama in their true form.

Powers and Abilities

Baylord Yama - Full Transformation Mode

Among his brothers, Yama focused the most on becoming stronger in order to protect the canine people. By the time of the 1st Canine Civil War, Baylord Yama had become extremely powerful, capable of defeating both his brothers, despite Doom being one of the Top 200 High Rankers in his prime.

In the present, Yama is considered one of the most powerful Slayers of FUG, to where Karaka, a fellow Slayer, and Madoraco, another powerful High Ranker of FUG, were shown to be afraid of his power and unwilling to fight him, with Yama expressing confidence he could easily blow up the ship Karaka and Madoraco were on. When the 2nd Canine Civil War began, Yama expressed confidence that he could easily take any number of enemies Paul unleashed upon him including Paul himself and kill Doom. Doom also noted that current Yama was even stronger than he was during the 1st Canine Civil War. When he fought Khel Hellam, despite the FUG Elder at first underestimating Yama, upon being pushed back by Yama's Complete Transformation, Hellam not only compared Yama's might to the first generation of Slayers and acknowledged his power as being very impressive but also believed that even if he could defeat Yama, Yama would have cost him enough energy to where he wouldn't have been able to move The Cage to the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence, forcing the Elder to send Yama to the Wall instead. Despite being fatigued from using Complete Transformation, he was still able to effortlessly overpower the likes of Kahler, a Company Commander of the Fifth Army Corp. He overpowered Lo Po Bia Fucile, the 2nd Division Commander of the 5th Army Corp, and forced Lo Po Bia Yasratcha to save the latter from Yama's attack that was about to kill him. During his rematch with Yasratcha, despite being unable to defeat him due to being hindered by the fear that Yasratcha had placed on him since he was a child, Yama's power at it's full strength proved enough to challenge Yasratcha, who compared him to his father and had to take him seriously.

Immense Durability and Shinsu Resistance: Yama has a unique, complete resistance to the shinsu of anyone who is afraid of him. This ability has been shown to nullify the attacks of Baylord Paul and Baylord Doom. Baam's Shinwonryu could only partially wake him and the combined efforts of Baam and Karaka were needed to fully wake him up. He took no real damage from their attacks as well. High Rankers like Doom and Paul were unable to damage him due to being afraid of him.[6] Yama was also able to endure the beating he was forced to put on himself by Yasratcha and retained enough strength to use Complete Transformation. He was able to take multiple attacks from Yasratcha and still continue fighting.

Partial Transformation: Yama was born with the power that allows him to transform his body parts and add canine characteristics to them. Yama was able to dodge quickly an arrow attack from the Elder Khel Hellam . He can further progress this transformation. It is not known how many transformations he can undergo, but it is known that he can use up to Level Seven.

  • Stage One Partial Transformation - Rival: Yama clenches his fist, transform it in a giant furry red paw with claws and grows in big proportions to the point of dwarfs a giant building, this attack was powerful enough that the Elder High Priest had difficulty in escaping and surviving, even with Yama not wanting to kill him.
  • Unnamed Stage Seven Partial Transformation: Yama used this transformation to attack Khel Hellam in close range distance but it can be countered back by Khel with a huge arrow attack.[7]
  • Right Arm - Level Six Partial Transformation - Lonely Red Arm: Probably an evolution of his Level One Partial Transformation - Rival, Yama increases the size of his right arm and turning It a canine paw with red furry and claw to a large extent, being able to stretch his right arm to dozens of meters, the more and more his arm stretches, the bigger it gets, the power of this partial transformation is strong enough to suppress Khel Hellam after he was fatally wounded by the Ancient Spear.

Complete Transformation : The ultimate evolution of canine transformation. Yama is the only canine person who has been shown to use it. Complete Transformation has stages, as Yama says the real complete transformation is when he transforms every part of his body. The transformation made Baylord Paul and Baylord Doom terrified of Yama. After he activated this transformation and transformed his left arm, he was able to push back Khel Hellam, who then stated that Yama's strength was comparable to the first generation of Slayers. Yama also stated that had he used Complete Transformation, he would have been able to break out of Yasratcha's mind-control. Transforming both of his arms, Yama was able to engage in a prolonged fight with Yasratcha, even causing him to struggle blocking his attacks and having to dodge them, until he began to be hampered by the fear Yasratcha had placed on him. However, Yama stated that Complete Transformation takes a significant toll on his body. Despite the strain it puts on him he was shown to be able to activate it against Yasratcha not a long time after having used it against Hellam. Later on, he is shown able to completely transform just a part of his body. It was noted by Yasratcha that the power of each of Yama's attacks get stronger as time passes in his complete transformation.

  • Left Arm - Full Transformation: Baylord Yama swing his full transformed left arm to attack Khel Hellam. The offensive power resulted from that one swing is very powerful and massive that even Evankhell had to block the wave of the attack with her two hands. It was also able to not only overpower Hellam's Massacre Light Storm that unleashed multiple shinsu arrows but even managed to push back Hellam despite him using a large shinsu arrow to block it.
    • Total Transformation of Left Arm: Potentially a stronger form of his Left Arm - Full Transformation, he was about to use this against Yasratcha before the latter use the canine people as a shield. The power of this transformation remains unknown.
  • Right Arm - Full Transformation: Yama swung his fully transformed right arm to attack Yasratcha after Evankhell blinded him. However, Yasratcha was able to easily speed past Yama's attack and heavily wound him.
  • Full Transformation of Yama's Arms: Yama completely transforms both of his arms.
    • Lethal Move - Blades of Rage: Yama fires from both of his hands large claw-like blades of yellow-red shinsu. It was powerful enough to overwhelm Yasratcha's initial defenses, forcing him to create a spinning tendril shield to fully block it.
    • Lethal Move - Wild Wave: Yama fires a massive red claw that was so strong that Yasratcha could not defend against it and was forced to dodge using a transformation.

Notes and Trivia

  • Unlike other canines, Yama sleeps like he is hibernating. He is also not used to be living in a pack and it is said that he is like a Wild Beast.
  • Yama is a human but more like an animal in the wild. He is not someone who is raised by people but raised up freely out in the field.[8]
  • Yama has an individualistic personality. He doesn't want to be bothered by anything and just wants to sleep.[9]
  • His name is likely a reference to the Hindu god of death Yama


  • (To his Gang) "Hmph... Such arrogance. How dare they set foot in my territory. Karaka must be out of his goddamn mind. That little kid's sure grown up a lot."[10]
  • (To Mule) "If you break your promise to me and hurt my clan in any way, I will find you and your master, that old fart, and tear you to pieces and devour you right down to the last bone."[11]
  • (To Mule) "Remember that. Indeed dogs always repay you if you take good care of them. Except me, of course. Because I'm 'King of the Dogs".[12]
  • (To Khel Hellam) "If there is something you wanna take from me whether it's my slayer title or a single grain of sand, you will have to fight me for it. And I would be happy to fight you."[12]
  • (To Lo Po Bia Yasratcha) "That's enough!! Stop messing around. If you really want the canine people, you'll have to get past me first!! I'm their king..!!" [13]

The changed background story

this was the history of Yama that SIU made before he changed it in the main story (so it's not canon anymore)

Baylord Yama was one of the Pitbulls that battled in Bayroad and it is said that he was the strongest Mad Dog of all time.

In the pit, he was a God of Death (사신, 死神, sahshin) who drove opponents to their doom and people came to call him "Yama, the Lord of the Dead" (야마, 죽은자들의 왕, Yahmah, Joog’eunjahdeul’eui Wahng, or “King of the Dead”) out of respect for him. Later, he killed his own keeper and successfully became the only Mad Dog to ever escape from Bayroad and climb the Tower. Although no exact details are known regarding this procedure, it is rumoured that Imort (이모르트, Ee'mohreuteu, or “Immorte” etc.), another Slayer of FUG, was involved. [4]

After becoming a Ranker, Yama returned to Bayroad with FUG’s power at his back and killed the previous owner of the pit. Hence, he simultaneously became the King of the Mad Dogs and a Slayer of FUG. Because of this, it has been frequently hypothesized that the domination of Bayroad was the final condition he had to fulfil to become a Slayer. [4]

It is rumoured that he is currently using the enormous revenue made in Bayroad as a weapon to build mysterious pleasure and entertainment facilities (adult entertainment involving alcohol, drugs, and sex) everywhere throughout the Tower and therefore expanding his influence and power. However, he has never shown his face since becoming a Slayer.[4]

Alternative translation

  • Bayroad Yamah (LINE)



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