Baylord Paul (베이로드 폴, Beilodeu pol) is Yama's third brother and a High Ranker. He is currently in The Cage during the Three Fangs Festival.[1]


Paul is the youngest of the three Baylord Brothers. He highly respected his oldest brother, Baylord Doom and afraid of Yama's presence.

Appearance and Personality

Baylord Paul has a light skin, green hair, black color headband and a mark below his right eye. He has canine ears like the rest of the members in the cage. He wears dark blue grey long pants and half-open black jacket

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A few years before entering The Cage , Baylord Paul received its coordinates from an Elder of FUG, which he has been looking for ages.[2]

Tower of God: Part 3

Tower of God: Part 3 - Stealing the fang

Baylord Paul came out of Xia Lulu's pet and killed multiple canine people immediately. His presence instils fear upon Varagarv and Ron Mei causing them to freeze. He later demands the fang in Apple's Lighthouse but Michael asks Paul to help him kill Khun Aguero Agnis so they'll give the fang. After he fatally hit Khun, he allowed Rachel's team to hold the fang for the time being.

Paul encounters Culden and instantly defeats him. After, Baylord Paul meets with Gado who betrayed Yama. Baylord Paul and Gado brought Deng Deng to where Baylord Doom is locked up at and prepares to give his heart to Doom.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Heart


Powers and Abilities

Baylord Paul's strength is incredible and he casually one-shotted a Top-Ranker Culden.[3] However, he is weaker than both Yama and Doom, with Yama noting he can easily beat Paul and anyone he had with him and stating Doom is on a different level than Paul.

  • Green Shinsoo Ball: He can control three green shinsoo ball that seems very similiar to "Baangs" but it can shoot long shinsoo like laser or whip. That laser or whip shinsoo can move freely swirling around in tremendous speed. Using this ability, Paul also can kill many enemies in wide area. So far, even Top-Ranker like Culden cannot survive from this attack.
  • Green Beasts Swimming Through The River of Death: Paul can summon three green shinsoo beast-shaped creature to attack his enemies. There's not much information about this skill.[4] But Paul only bring this skill when he face High Rankers like Yama and Khel Hellam, meaning that this skill is very powerful.


Baylord Paul has his own clan. He has at least three servants[5]:

Notes and Trivia

  • Although weak in comparison to Yama, Paul and Doom are High Rankers, so they are among the strongest of the Tower.[6]


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