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Baylord Paul (베이로드 폴, Beilodeu pol) is Yama's third brother and a High Ranker. He is currently in The Cage during the Three Fangs Festival.[2]


Paul is the youngest of the three Baylord Brothers. He highly respected his oldest brother, Baylord Doom and afraid of Yama's presence.

Appearance and Personality

Baylord Paul has light skin, green hair, black colour headband and a mark below his right eye. He has canine ears like the rest of the members in the cage. He wears dark blue-grey long pants and half-open black jacket. He is also quite tall, slightly taller than Varagarv[3] and muscular.

He was portrayed as a cool, strong and brave character. The only thing that made him afraid is his own older brother Yama. This is because Paul has already seen and witnessed Yama using the power of Full Transformation during the 1st Canine Civil War.


A few years before entering The Cage, Baylord Paul received its coordinates from an Elder of FUG, which he has been looking for ages.[4]

Tower of God: Part 3

Stealing the fang

Baylord Paul came out from inside the mouth of a white weird shinheuh after he pierced through the stomach and chest of Rian and Luka with his green Shinsu. He then commented that he has forgotten the smell of The Cage.[2] When Canhong tried to attack him, Paul shot his green Shinsu again and it easily pierced Canhong's body. Paul's strength and presence instils fear upon Varagarv and Ron Mei causing them to freeze. Paul then walked to Apple's position and ask her to hand over the Baylord Doom's Fang in her Lighthouse. Apple who didn't recognize Paul immediately refused but then Paul introduced himself as Baylord Yama's little brother. After hearing that, Michael who was trapped in ice, suddenly shouts that they actually were allies because they were sent by the Elder who also contacted Paul. Michael then asks Paul to help him kill Khun Aguero Agnis and they'll give the fang to him.[3] After Paul fatally injured Khun with his green Shinsu, he destroyed the ice shackles of Michael. After knowing Michael and Apple were actually with the Elder, Paul then told Apple to keep the fang in her lighthouse for now because he didn't want to carry it.[5]

When Culden was fighting R's Twin in mid-air, Paul appeared and was sitting on top of the white weird Shinheuh or later known as "Myan" and asked Culden about his rank in The Cage, because Paul has heard that the Leaders of The Cage have rankings now and he'd like to take out the strongest first. However, Paul commented that it actually doesn't matter and he will kill every last one of them. Culden who didn't know Paul is a High Ranker then release his Canine Transformation power and charge to attack. Paul then shot his three green Shinsu ball and easily pierced Culden's transformed body.[6]

After he defeated Culden, Paul then headed straight to his real destination which is to the centre of The Cage, and visit the entry to the secret underground chamber. This chamber is a place that was used by Baylord Yama to seal his oldest brother Baylord Doom. Along his way to the centre of The Cage, he massacred many Canine People, civilians, with his green Shinsu. After he arrived and landed with the Myan, Paul encountered Gado who has already waiting for his arrival. Gado was seen to stand beside Berdych, the fourth in command and also the security of that place, who already sit motionless on the ground. Gado said that he took Berdych out when she let her guard down. Paul already knew from the Elder that Gado has betrayed Baylord Yama, so he then expresses his gratitude and welcoming Gado to joining to his side.[7]


Michael, Apple, and their one mysterious companion, along with Deng Deng who is guarded by a canine ranker R's Twin then arrived at the same location with a Floating Ship. After seeing Gado, Deng Deng shouted "Father", but Gado instantly replied that there's no need to call him father anymore and he's done pretending. When they're about to enter the secret underground chamber, Gado said that all of them can't enter together, and there has to be a person to stand guard outside, Paul then answered Gado that he doesn't need to worry because one of his men, Venti will arrive soon. After Venti arrived, Paul and everyone, except Venti himself and Apple then proceed to enter the elevator. Apple was ordered by Michael to stand outside to prevent treason. After they went down with the elevator, Paul then finally found his brother Doom[8] who was sealed inside a special machine made by The Workshop.

Powers and Abilities

Baylord Paul's strength is incredible and he casually one-shotted a Top-Ranker Culden.[6] However, he is weaker than both Yama and Doom, with Yama noting he can easily beat Paul and anyone he had with him and stating Doom is on a different level than Paul.

  • Green Shinsu Ball: He can control three green Shinsu ball that seems very similar to "Baangs" but it can shoot long Shinsu like laser or whip. That laser or whip Shinsu can move freely swirling around in tremendous speed. Using this ability, Paul also can kill many enemies in a wide area. So far, even Top-Ranker like Culden cannot survive from this attack.
  • Green Beasts Swimming Through The River of Death: Paul can summon three green Shinsu beast-shaped creature to attack his enemies. There's not much information about this skill.[9] But Paul only brings this skill when he faces High Rankers like Yama and Khel Hellam, meaning that this skill is very powerful.
  • Partial Transformation: Since he first appeared, Paul actually was never seen to perform transformation power. He mostly uses his green ball Shinsu like a Wave Controller. Because of this, he seems to be the weakest Baylord Brothers compared to Yama and Doom. However, during the fight with Lo Po Bia Dokoko at The Nest, it was revealed that he actually has transformation power, but he can't control it. When Paul was still a child, he trained with Doom and Yama to use transformation power, but Paul lost his consciousness and become crazy. Even when both of them work together, Doom and Yama can barely stop crazy Paul. In the end, Paul was exhausted and collapsed. Doom thought Paul died, but he survived. Ever since then, Paul never uses his transformation power.[10]
    • Paul's Transformation of Both Arms: Wild Dog With Mysterious Green Arms: Paul transforms both of his arms into sea green Shinsu that extends like wings.[10] Normally, Paul's Shinsu is light green. The sea-green Shinsu that emanated from his arm also affects his long stick that he always carries with him. Paul then was able to use his stick like a sharp dual-bladed weapon to slash Dokoko's Anima, the giant Windbird.[11]


Baylord Paul has his own clan. He has at least three servants[7]:

Notes and Trivia

  • Although weak in comparison to Yama, Paul and Doom are High Rankers, so they are among the strongest of the Tower.[12]




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