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I haven't breathed the outside air in ages. God, it's been so long. But what's all this mess? I'll need to get things in order again. Now tell me... Which one of you are the traitors who serves Yama?

Baylord Doom after awakening from his slumber[2]

Baylord Doom(베이로드 둠, Beilodeu Dum) is a High Ranker and the older brother of Baylord Yama and Baylord Paul.[3]

Appearance and Personality

He has dark blue purplish hair and wings, red ears, dark blue eyes, fair skin and dark red tattoos on his shoulder, arms and chest. He also has a lean muscular body. His right arm was missing after he was reawaken. But he regained his arms and full sized wings after getting his fang back sometime before appearing at the Battle of The Nest.

He likes to be a bossy leader and tend to look down on others. He is usually rude but can be nice and kind at the same time. He considers Canine People as his disposable troops or army that he can use anytime as he pleases, with the only canine people he values being his brothers. Even then, he is not a very attentive older brother, ignoring Yama's genuine attachment to the canine people under his charge and killing those who opposed him, which led to Yama fighting and defeating him. Regardless, he can show mercy to his brothers, as he was willing to give Yama a chance to stop the war and join his side again and even after being locked away for many years, he gave Yama a chance to willingly leave the Cage. Although he is seemingly unrepentant in his grudge against Lo Po Bia Yasratcha and the 10 Family Heads and view of the canine people as disposable troops, he does show a reasonable side as after Baam broke the spell on him, Doom became willing to help him. He does firmly acknowledge that the canine people are destined to be dominated by strength and not even he could change that, openly expressing disgust at Gado for believing he could change the canine people's society as he killed him.


Doom was the oldest of the three Baylord siblings and their leader due to his natural talent in leadership. He eventually discovered a special power to make other humans canine people as well and used it to create the Cage, composed entirely of canine people. Doom was eventually recruited by FUG due to their desire to make Doom and his army theirs. However, Yama refused to follow him and challenged him and Paul. Although Yama himself noted it was a brutal fight, Doom and Paul were defeated. However, Yama was unable to kill Doom as otherwise all the transformation power of the canine people would be lost and thus he chose to seal him away instead, ripping out his heart to keep him in slumber. Doom's unique power was used by Yama to expand the clan after Yama became a Slayer.

Long ago, when Doom's father was still alive before being killed by Lo Po Bia Yasratcha, Doom was asked to run far away from the training camp with his little brothers, because his father was afraid that Yasratcha would kill all three siblings as well.[4]

Tower of God: Part 3

Heart (Arc)

Sealed deep down in a secret chamber underground facility in The Cage, Baylord Doom finally was awaken after Gado and Baylord Paul returned Doom's real heart from inside of Deng Deng's body. When Doom get out from the underground he saw Berdych, Khun Aguero Agnis and Rak Wraithraiser fought against Apple and Venti.

The Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (Arc)

After Baam breaks the spell placed on his heart as he reveals he too is against Zahard and the 10 Families, Doom kills Gado as he reveals his desire for a new world for the canine people and rebukes him for believing he could change the ways their people live, as even he can never change the fact that the canine people is destined to be dominated by strength. As Baam laments his inability to save Deng Deng as it would sacrifice Louie, Doom dismisses his feelings as many people have died unfairly in battles but agrees to help Baam as thanks for saving him. He quickly charges at Khel Hellam and makes it clear with his spell broken, he has no intention of giving him control over the canine people, only to be shocked when Hellam swiftly admits defeat and asks that they instead agree to bring the canine people to help Yama, who is in the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence.

When they arrive, they are confronted by Lo Po Bia Yasratcha. Doom, not having his fang, is instantly terrified as he cannot counter Yasratcha's mind control without it and could do nothing as the canine people are soon mind-controlled by Yasratcha as he reveals what Yasratcha could do.

Dowon (Arc)

Doom is seen fighting against the mind-controlled canine people and struggles to explain what is happening.

The Nest (Arc)

Doom was seen fighting against the 5th Army Corp until they fall back as Yasratcha mind-controls the canine people into civil war and kills half of them. Doom is soon furiously confronted by Yama, who angrily asks on how Yasratcha is able to control the canine people. Although looking down, Doom merely questions back what could be done even if he did tell Yama about Yasratcha and reveals that the canine people was once from the Lo Po Bia Family and that their parents were killed because of them. Doom then became second-in-command of The Cage and completely lost the desire to fight his younger brother, choosing to work with him to battle Zahard's Army.

The Intrusion


A Rough War

After Doom regained back his old power that was sealed by Yama, Doom's missing right hand was regenerated. Doom encountered Lo Po Bia Dokoko, the branch head of Windbird clan of the Lo Po Bia Family. Doom use his powerful partial transformation and summoned his External Transformation to injured the Six-Winged Giant Windbird and force it to transform into its second form. Dokoko was impressed with Doom and even acknowledged him as being much stronger than what he originally thought, although Doom was still not in his prime. After Baylord Paul distracted the Giant Windbird, Doom easily overpowered and killed Dokoko, forcing the branch leader to transfer his consciousness into his Giant Windbird.

VS. Kallavan


The Second Defensive Wall


Powers and Abilities

Doom was one of the Top 200 Rankers in his prime from thousand of years ago before he was sealed. Yama noted that Doom is on a different level than Baylord Paul and Doom was also the toughest opponent he has fought during the 1st Canine Civil War. At that time, Doom was still equal to Yama despite the fact that Yama has been training more harder than Doom for years and was only defeated after Yama used his hidden card, the power of Full Transformation which scared Doom. Another testament to his power was how FUG was impressed enough with his power that they once wanted him to be a Slayer.

Even in a weakened state, Yama said that Baam and Karaka would be no match for Doom. With a single attack from External Transformation, Doom was able to effortlessly kill Gado, who can fight on par with Twenty-Fifth Baam when he used the Red Thryssa Sword (Stage 1). After recovering both of his arms, despite still not being in his prime, Doom proved strong enough to be one of the main fighters during the Battle of The Nest, effortlessly destroying a huge ship of the 4th Army Corp and being capable of fighting Lo Po Bia Dokoko and his Windbird single-handedly upon getting serious, managing to do considerable damage to the Windbird and even causing Dokoko to be impressed and acknowledged him to be much stronger than he had expected and he was definitely worthy of being a High Ranker of the top 200. Without the Windbird helping Dokoko, Doom proved himself able to effortlessly dispatch Dokoko in single-combat and alongside Paul, he was able to fight off the relentless assaults of Dokoko possessing the Windbird enough to receive help in dispatching the Branch Leader.

Shinsu Control

  • Special Skill - "Feral Roar" (특수기 맹수의 짖음, Teugsugi Maengsuui Jij-eum): Doom releases a shockwave Shinsu blast through his mouth. It is strong enough to sent flying Ranker Berdych, the 4th executive in Yama's Pack and cause some damage to the surrounding terrain.[5]
  • Wild Dog's Roar (맹견의 포효, Maeng-gyeon-ui Pohyo): Doom releases a shockwave Shinsu blast through his mouth that can paralyze the enemy. It is strong enough to paralyzed Dokoko completely and shred parts of his clothing.[4]

Canine Transformation

Partial Transformation

Doom's Partial Transformation after he regained his power

As the former leader of Canines race, Doom is capable of using the Transformation power of the Canines, which is called the Canine Transformation. Unlike the Felines who can fully transform their body with the Beastification power, Canines can only transform half of their body parts, and Doom is not an exception although he is the only one with "pure blood". There are 7 "stages" of transformation process in Partial Transformation and Doom was able to achieved Level Six.

  • Unclassified Partial Transformation - Wild Dog With A Purple Right-Wing: This is a specific Transformation that only affects Doom's right arm. When Doom regained his old power that Yama has sealed, Doom obtained his missing's right hand back. This Transformation form was first displayed during the Battle of The Nest where Doom encountered Lo Po Bia Dokoko, the branch head of Wind Bird Family. The right side of Doom's body transformed drastically compared to his body's left side. A unique mark appeared on his right eyes and his right-wing color turns into metallic purple with sharp fangs, while the right leg and right arm transforms into a spiked beast skin. There is also a big and sharp purple blade attached to his hand[6] which he later mentioned as "The Fang".[4] In this form, Doom was able to give significant damage to the Six-Winged Giant Windbird and even kill Dokoko when he was off guard.[4]

External Transformation

Doom was the first Canine People to be able to perform the Transformation power of Canine Transformation outside of his body, summoning a powerful, long dark purple spiked fur beast or tendrils, which he called the "Purple Centipede". It was able to easily injure the Six-Winged Giant Windbird, Lo Po Bia Dokoko's precious Shinheuh.

  • Regeneration: Doom's External Transformation form has a very powerful regeneration ability. It was first displayed when Twenty-Fifth Baam tried to destroy it with his Shinsu attack in order to approach Doom.[7]
  • Power Granting: Just like Lo Po Bia Yasratcha who can grant Beastification power to humans through his External Beastification, Doom can also grant the power of Canine Transformation to other species. The infected target can instantly become a Canine people in a very short time if they have very weak Shinsu Resistance. Doom can control or adjust the amount of power he granted to other species, which means Doom can make them either very strong or very weak, depends on how he saw the target's potential. This control was displayed when Doom tried to infect Twenty-Fifth Baam. Doom said that he will pour all his power into Baam's body in order to make him a new powerful Canine warrior.[8]
  • Mind Control: Doom can mind control a living being that has been "infected" with Canine Transformation power that he shares through the power of his External Transformation.[9][8] It is said that once the mind control is activated, Doom will completely has control over all of the targeted Canines, controlling them around like puppet marionette, either use them as meat shield sacrifice, commit suicide, or kill each other.[9]

Notes and Trivia

  • Although weak in comparison to current Yama, Doom still used to be the Top 200 strongest High Rankers back in medieval times,[10] so he is the second strongest Canine People after Yama.




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