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"Historically speaking, most of the people who ruled in the past thought they needed to clear the way to usher in a new era, or they had to protect their era for a new one to begin. But in fact, new eras are as natural as the rising tide. No matter what obstacles or barriers they encounter, they pioneer their own trails, and protect each other. They all come together to form one massive, tangled wave and create their own era. The tidal wave of a new era will swallow you arrogant people up quicker than you think."[7]

—Aftermath Narration

The Battle of The Last Station, also known as one of the Zahard's Three Orders which reads Either Capture or Kill People on Hell Train, was a decisive battle for the survival of the people on aboard of the Hell Train who were accused to teaming up with FUG to take over the train and manipulate it to get to the top of the tower. So in order to make an example and prevent anything like this from happening again, the Zahard Family wanted to arrest all the people on aboard of the Hell Train and will punish their crimes with death penalty.[2]

However, the battle ended with big victory for the people on aboard of the Hell Train and Zahard's Army suffered major damage and casualties. The army also failed to accomplish their hidden objective to kill the Irregular Twenty-Fifth Baam. The triumph of the people on the Hell Train over the Zahard's Army, has marked a new history in the Tower, since the army has been undefeated for thousand years. This battle also marked the last and final journey of the Hell Train since all of its carriages were disconnected as it fall from the sky.

The origins of the Battle of The Last Station emerged from two different main reasons. The first is the discovery by Princess Ha Yuri Zahard and Evan Edrok, that FUG was secretly using the Hell Express to try to resurrect the ancient slayer White who was sealed on the train long ago, while the second is that King Zahard found out the existence of Baam through the Hidden Floor which lead to the Three Order.



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