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This article contain information regarding Baam's ability to perform transformation power.

Baam's Transformation is a term that were used to describe the unique transformation ability of Twenty-Fifth Baam after he "absorbed"[1] the Canine Transformation power from Baylord Doom.[2]


SIU stated that technically, this isn't a true Canine Transformation, but rather more Baam "absorbing" the Canine Transformation system and applying it onto his body. Since the power of the Red Thryssa is the most familiar, it was expressed outwardly. (This probably refers to Hell Joe's Red Thryssa: Host Transformation). SIU apologized to fans that Baam will not have Canines body feature or doggy ears.[1]

Basically, Baam created a new type or method of transformation by using his "mysterious body" (which can absorb objects) as the medium to manifest the Canine Transformation power. Unlike the Canine People's transformation in general that had animalistic trait attached to their body such as horns, fur, wings, dog ears, etc., Baam will not experience this kind of side effect and still can stay as a Human being.


Baylord Doom "purposely" gave Baam the power of Canine Transformation with expectations to turn him into a powerful Canines warrior (meaning that turning Baam into "dog" people) so that Doom can 'mind control' Baam. However, Doom wasn't aware that Baam actually has a strong Shinsu Resistance. A person can only turn into Canines if he or she has a weak shinsu resistance.[3] In the end, Doom indeed failed to turn Baam into a dog warrior, but the power that he initially gave on purpose was actually absorbed by Baam's mysterious body.[2][1]


Red Thryssa Transformation

By using this power, the right arm of Baam will be able to "summon" something like a sword or a blade. Unlike the power of Canine Transformation in general which changed it's user's physical body directly to looks exactly like "animals" body features (fur, claws, animal ear or head), this transformation didn't change Baam's physical body look.

Power and Abilities

Blue Thryssa Transformation

By using this power, the left arm of Baam will be able to "summon" a shield. This shield is very powerful since it can tank two attacks of High Ranker commander Kallavan.[4]

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Notes and Trivia

  • It looks like the Canine Transformation power helped the power inside Baam's body to take shape into physical form without using it's user's body as a host.



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