An Axis User, also known as an Axis (or Axes plurally), is a person with the power to influence a “tale” within the Talse Uzer Story.[1][2] They are the greatest variables which determine the future. There are many Axes outside the Tower.


An Axis is named as such because their ability is invoked with the user as an axis. Apart from this fact, their abilities do not hold almost any similarity with each other. A non-Axis User is unable to interfere in any way, meaning even the weakest Axis could defeat the strongest non-Axis. An Axis User can only be defeated by a more powerful Axis.

In the Tower of God universe, Phantaminum is the "author", or god, of one "story" in the universe. In exchange for taking on the responsibility of managing this story, he is given a powerful authority over the events that occur in the story. He is able to "write" records that cannot be erased or changed.

Every Axis has the power to generate a space around them, in which they can use a unique power that cannot be denied or negated. Under the specifications of this ability, an Axis can control some aspect of reality within their own field. Axes primarily have the ability to control the reality of a finite amount of space around them.

Known Axis Users

The only known Axis in Tower of God is Phantaminum.




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