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Augusgus (아우구스구스) is a High Ranker and Test Director in charge of the 20th Floor. He is also a member of FUG.

Appearance and Personality

Augusgus is an extremely pale-skinned man with curly white hair and strange coloured eyes: his sclera are mostly red and his irises are yellow. He was seen wearing a white admirals coat over a dark grey top and dark-coloured trousers. He wears a "Fried" tag on his left arm.

He is insistent on tests proceeding as normal, even reprimanding Love physically when the Ranker wanted to eliminate Viole from a test.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


Love met with his supervisor, Augusgus, to inform him about Viole's affiliation with FUG. Augusgus then told Love not to interfere and to abide by the absolute rules of the Tower while also trying to convince Love into joining his family, yet Love refuses and was promptly punished before he left the office.


After the Trustworthy Room Love was in Augusgus's room, apologising for his misconduct by administering an improper test. Augusgus stated how, although he was trying to exact revenge, Love only managed to stir up rumours of a new incredible Slayer candidate. He then suspended Love for 10 days in the end.

Immediately after Love left the office, Augusgus closed the curtains and communicated with the "Submerged Fish", saying that everything was going the way FUG wanted it to.

Tower of God: Part 3

VS. Kallavan (Arc)

He appears inside The Needle Launcher that specially made by Canines along with Mule Love.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • Augusgus belongs to the Fried (후라이드, Fried) side in the Chicken Love Club, so he has a "Fried" tag on his left arm.
  • He orders that if Love hurts Viole, he must come over to the Fried side, although Love refuses that too.
  • The first part of his name Augusgus is derived from the Roman emperor Augustus. He has curled hair which is considered stereotypical of Roman emperors, as well as pale skin like a statue.
  • Augusgus belongs to an influential family, however, is not yet revealed whose family he belongs.[citation needed]
  • Augusgus mentioned to Yu Han Sung that the "prince" had passed the 20th Floor test.[2] It is yet unknown which character he was referring to. (It may have been Ja Wangnan as one of the Princes of the Red-light District.)



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