We'll have to carry out one of the other orders before the Po Bidau Family hears about this.

Arvin Lou (아빈 루) is a giant green goblin-face that was in charge as a "Chairperson" in managing administration authorities from the Chairperson Office: "Wisdom". He showed a judicial judge-like behavior, calm, and wise thinking in order to solve many problems that may arise in the Zahard Empire after the declaration of Zahard's Order.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

After the declaration of Zahard's Order, several problems and controversy arise in the Zahard's Empire because one of the order is to eliminate the Po Bidau Family, which is still a part of the Zahard's Empire and Zahard Family. Arvin knew that the manpower of the Po Bidau Family totally cannot be underestimated since they would still have many active Rankers and High Rankers' influences in many places within the empire.

Aware of such a scary situation and high risk that could lead to many rankers and high rankers' civil wars and casualties in the Zahard Empire territory, Arvin Lou quickly called one of his bird-masked henchman to immediately report about the current situation. After hearing the report that the further distribution and spreading of the order has been stopped and cut off immediately by the High Priest Stuah Arthur to prevent the scary problems, and that the order has been classified as a top secret document, Arvin Lou feel so relieved that the Zahard's Altar workers has done their job properly and manage to buy the administration office some time to think about how to handle the situation. Arvin then said that they'll have to carry out one of the other orders instead, before the Po Bidau Family hears about the order.[1]

Alternative translation

  • Arvin Lou (LINE)


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